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Comptoir Libanais Explore Utrecht 2

A Lebanese feast at Comptoir Libanais

Good news: Utrecht just became home to the first Comptoir Libanais outside of the UK, and I am beyond thrilled! Tucked away in Hoog Catharijne, Comptoir serves up delicious Lebanese food that you need to get your hands on ASAP.


With eclectic patterned tiles on the floors & walls, brightly coloured furniture, and unique decorations covering every surface, Comptoir is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach 😉 It’s got a souk kind of vibe, so take a little tour of discovery before you sit down. You won’t regret it! Shelves groan under the weight of amazing Middle Eastern ingredients  to take home – think rose water and Harissa – and goodies are piled high throughout the shop, begging to be tasted: Turkish delight, nougat, baklava…

Fair warning: your mouth may start to water as soon as you enter.


Once you’ve examined every nook and cranny, take a seat and get to feasting. The menu is bursting with wholesome favourites: crunchy falafel, smoky baba ganoush, creamy hummus, tabbouleh, flatbread, and pickled spicy peppers and turnips.

Feeling more indulgent? Try the halloumi cheese & zaatar man’ousha: a sort of Lebanese ‘pizza’ made on flatbread with heavenly melty halloumi and herbs. If you’re more about the cheese than the bread, you can get straight-up grilled halloumi, topped with tomato, olives and mint. Yes please! Or go for the marinated jawaneh: chargrilled chicken wings with garlic, lemon and pomegranate molasses.  I have it on good authority that they’re incredibly delicious.

Thirsty? Try fresh rose mint tea or a homemade lemonade with orange blossom or rose syrup – tasty and refreshing.

Next time you’re shopping and need a break, or basically any time you’re hungry, head to Comptoir and feast your heart out!

Stationsplein 97 (Hoog Catharijne) |  website | Facebook

Hours of operation: 10.00 – 22.00 daily

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Sophie is a freelance editor with a master's in Media Studies. She hails from Toronto but has lived in Groningen, Leiden, and The Hague, and now happily calls Utrecht home. Besides eating, thinking about eating, and buying & making food, her hobbies include travel and writing. Her idea of the perfect day in Utrecht includes a lot of coffee, a friend or four, copious amounts of pastries, and a stroll around the city's gorgeous streets and canals – all topped off, naturally, with drinks on a terrace. Surprisingly knowledgeable about kaasstengels.

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