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Winterboost | A visit to Laurent Salon & Spa

Winter, winter, winter. It makes for beautiful, smooth sights, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about out skin. Rough winds, low temperates, and central heating on blast don’t exactly keep our cheeks looking radiant. The best remedy? A spa treatment.

Laurent Salon & Spa, in the heart of Utrecht, has stood on my wish list for a while. It’s been an establishment in the city for more than 25 years. What began as a traditional hair salon has become a spa with an international character. A hair salon, beauty salon, massage parlour and spa in one.

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Mini spa in the heart of Utrecht

The party starts right in the entrance of the building, located on the stately Janskerkhof. The scent of wellness encircles you as soon as you take your first step inside. Bring on those benefits! On the agenda: an Elemental Nature Facial. For this treatment, we head downstairs to a true mini spa. Dark mosaic tiles, heady scents, soft towels, atmospheric music, and the warmth – oh, the warmth! – immediately convey the ultimate spa feeling.

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The treatment: Elemental Nature Facial

The Elemental Nature Facial (60, 90 or 120 minutes) is a facial treatment that is put together to reflect your individual wishes and the needs of your skin. But it’s more than just a facial: besides the – lovely – fact that you’re at the spa, mini massages also make the treatment extra special. After a short skin consultation, you get to choose the fragrance of the oils that will be used during the treatment, and on top of that you also get to pick three mini massages, such as neck, head, or foot massages. Besides looking radiant, you’ll also leave feeling super relaxed.

Pure nature

Laurent only works with natural beauty products, such as Aveda products, which are made of pure flower and plant extracts. Natural techniques are also applied to the treatments – so they don’t use any laser techniques or chemical products, but they do use natural connective tissue massages to keep the skin looking young. Even the interior provides a natural boost: earthy tones and green plants are predominantly featured.

Beauty assessments

Want to freshen up for spring – which is really, really, really close? Laurent has recently started offering beauty assessments.  Huh?! Yes, beauty assessments. An analysis of your hair, skin, and the factors that influence their condition. Based on this analysis, you get tailored advice and a treatment plan. And as a bonus, you get a lovely foot bath during the assessment.

Find more information on treatments, prices, and times on www.laurent.nl

Picture’s: Laurent Salon & Spa

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