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Language No Problem: theater for non-Dutch speakers

Whether you’re an expat, an international student, or a Dutchie with a love of foreign theater, I’ve got good news for you: Theater Kikker, Utrecht’s main fringe theatre, puts on performances for non-Dutch speakers right in the heart of our beautiful city. Their program is called Language No Problem, and it features plays in English or with subtitles, dance performances, and live music.

Discover Theater Kikker

To introduce you to Language No Problem, Theater Kikker is hosting a special evening this Friday, 4 November, for only 10 euros instead of the usual 19. (Find all necessary information on tickets and times here.) Guests are welcome to enjoy a free drink before the show starts, and you can also stay afterwards to grab another beverage and discuss the play with the director and fellow internationals/theatre enthusiasts. A great way to meet like-minded folks!

The show in question will be Privacy, a two-actor play that explores the boundaries of intimacy and shame. The play is described as a ‘striptease of personal confessions’ and touches on ethics and pornography, among others, so it’s bound to be interesting!

Language No Problem

Besides Privacy, Language No Problem has a great line-up of shows for the coming months, so if you can’t make it on Friday, don’t despair! There’s visual poetry, electronic music, rap, dance, and plays covering a broad range of topics. With so many options, you’re sure to find something right up your alley.


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