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Kraak en Maak: a creative breeding ground disguised as a shop

I sit down with Laura Stassen and Saskia Korver in the ‘Kraak en Maak’ shop. These two creative entrepreneurs sell their creations in this multifaceted shop on the Donkerstraat. Writer Laura from ‘Zin & VerZin’ sells her own poems and old school typewriters. Saskia sells her own handmade bags and accessories under brand name ‘SAK’. Apart from that, several creatives sell their own illustrations, posters and postcards under the name ‘Illu-ster’. You can also find vintage fabrics and furniture by ‘Vintage Revival’ here. One by one amazing and unique items!

Kraak – Starting out in a squat

It all started in the former squat buildings on the Oudegracht and the Lange Viestraat, hence the name ‘Kraak en Maak’. Meanwhile they’ve settled down on a set location on the Donkerstraat. Luckily their loyal customers can still find the shop easily. “People follow us around like a traveling party. It is very special to see,” Laura tells us proudly.

I find this the perfect store if you want to score a unique item. For example a handmade purse of which you can decide what colors and materials you’d like to use. The custom made poems can be perfect gifts for special occasions and the old-fashioned typewriters are a real eye catcher in the shop. They’re sold in different colors. For me this would be a great alternative not to get stuck behind a screen again and write letters the old-fashioned way.

Maak – Many different products are made

The shop is also a working space for the ladies and this way it’s very good to combine with sales. Apart from a store the space is also a workshop for the ladies. This way they can combine sales with making their items. A nice incidental is that, for the visitors of the shop, it’s immediately clear that the items are made on the spot. “People really seem to like this combination. A product becomes special when they can see and hear the story behind it”, Saskia remarks.

Seeing these women produce their items and practice their craft, creates an extra reason for me to come back. A product that is not mass produced is something really special these days. I was happily surprised by the entrepreneurs that are featured in the shop, that they are able to bring their products to the market this way. Soon Laura and Saskia shall be giving workshops in writing poems and making accessories as well. Are you enthused? I sure am!

Kraak & Maak | Donkerstraat 13

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