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Koep by Ken & The Happy Toko joining forces

Koep x Happy Toko

Good news, beauty lovers! Utrecht’s well-loved Ken from Koep by Ken and Justine from the Happy Toko have teamed up to become your one-stop shop for Insta-perfect hair and nails. You can now find them both in a gorgeous old building in the cozy neighborhood nestled between Griftpark and the Wittevrouwensingel, at Hooghiemstraplein 52.

It’s a match made in heaven! Both Ken and Justine listen closely to what you want, talk you through the process, and pay special attention to detail. The result: you have a great time, a personalized treatment, and come out with your hair or your nails (or hey – both!) looking fabulous! Want to learn more? Check out our individual reviews of Koep by Ken and The Happy Toko right and book an appointment.

Hooghiemstraplein 52 | instagram The Happy Toko | afspraak Koep by Ken

picture’s Koep by Ken / Salon by Buro30

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