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Kimmade – Real Vietnamese street food in Utrecht

For a quick and healthy meal I go to Kimmade on the Mariastraat — where they serve up delicious Vietnamese street food. The young owner has worked in restaurants for some time and thought it was time to open his own place, and this has worked out pretty well.

Kimmade may be a small eatery, but people come from far away to enjoy the real Vietnamese street food this place has to offer. The menu is quite extensive, so you have plenty to choose from. Your mouth is going to be watering, and your stomach grumbling when you finally decide — but don’t worry, your meal is made fast and fresh in the open kitchen.

I like to order the Vietnamese spring rolls and beef satay. Super tasty! Inside the eatery there are seats, and in the summer you can enjoy your meal on the small terrace outside. I always order ‘to go’ and enjoy my Vietnamese street food at home with a glass of Italian wine.

Address: Mariastraat 2
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Pictures by Michaela – New Life Beginning.

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