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Kazerij Stalenhoef | Twijnstraat Utrecht

De Kazerij Stalenhoef is a whalhalla for cheese-lovers.

When you step in the shop you will be impressed by all the cheeses, snacks, bread and wine collection. The shop smells delicious; a mix of sweet dried fruit fragrant and pungent smell of delicious cheeses, you instantly get a craving and we ensure that you will end up buying more than what you actually wanted.

If you love hosting dinner parties then De Kazerij is the place to be. Here you can get everything you need for a great dinner party with friends under one roof. If you feel like staying at home and feel like spoiling yourself with a cheese platter and some good wine, look no further. The good thing about De Kazerij is that you can buy everything you need in one place, so no need to shop around. Kazerij Stalenhoef also offers a variety of  breads, chutneys, wines, nut mixes, dips and sweets.

If you don’t know much about mixing and matching different cheeses and wines, there is no need for research or panic because the staff is very capable in helping you choose the best combination. De Kazerij Stalenhoef is situated in the Twijnstraat, one of the oldest shopping streets of Utrecht. I couldn’t think of a better spot for this excellent cheese shop.

Address: Twijnstraat 67
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Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

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