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KAUAI the spot for fresh meals and juices at Central Station

With the opening of the South African food concept KAUAI, Utrecht Central Station has new fresh food concept. With 150 branches in South Africa, KAUAI is a well-known fresh concept and has the ambition to conquer Europe with their meals. At KAUAI you can find wraps, bowls, salads, smoothies, juices and much more.

Through the gates to the fresh and daily made treats at KAUAI

KAUAI is named after a Hawaiian island, one of the largest islands in the Hawaii archipelago. The beautiful green island is also known as ‘Garden Isle’. A good name for a concept that only focuses on fresh products. Your order will be prepared immediately after the checkout. And you can go to the platform to get on the train or leave Central Station.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at KAUAI

I’m very happy that KAUAI is located at the station. On busy days I don’t feel like making my own breakfast and often walk past KAUAI for a superfood smoothie. But also the warm oatmeal bowl with nuts is one of my favorites. The Prince wrap, richly filled with steak, avocado, feta and vegetables, is highly recommended. Are you more of a brunch fan? Then the famous poached eggs on avo toast are also on the menu. If you want something other than coffee, be sure to order the rooibos latte. With these cold days a heartwarming drink. And a salted caramel smoothie sounds good, doesn’t it?

KAUAI provides every meal of the day for a good price. And all orders are freshly prepared with quality products and you can taste this.

Opened daily
Monday to Friday: 07.00 – 22.00
Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 – 21.00
Website: www.kauai.nl


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