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De Kas Eet en Kweekplek | Wat schaft de Kas ?

Hot, hip or happening? However you wanna call it: enjoying dinner on a special location is tha bomb.

I am a huge fan of the concept and it can’t be crazy enough for me. Enjoying a tender steak at vintage store, a cheesecake at a concept store, and so on. My next pop up dining adventure took place at ‘De Kas Eet en Kweekplek’.

Kas Eet & Kweekplek

The Kas grows vegetables on a small scale in a greenhouse located on Koningsweg. The harvest is sold to restaurants in Utrecht, but you can also cycling by the greenhouse shop and buy vegetables for home. De Kas Eet & Kweekplek is more than only growing and selling of vegetables. The Kas also organizes activities such as ‘Wat de kas schaft’ where you can take a look in the greenhouse and taste fresh vegetables grown on Utrecht soil.

What did the greenhouse serve us? 

Armed with a chilled bottle of white wine my table-mate and I cycled toward Koningsweg number 135 for a dinner at Kas Eet & Kweekplek. At De Kas they serve a dish for 15 euro made of goodies that grow in the greenhouse. It doesn’t get more local than this: in three steps from the greenhouse, the kitchen, on your plate. At the greenhouse you can order drinks, but for alcoholic beverages, there is a ‘bring your own’ policy. We don’t mind! Saves us some money and we can bring our favorite bottle of wine. The setting: you dine with about 20 people on a long table (you can go together, but you can also fly solo).

The evening started with a warm welcome by (Meike) and (Kevin). With a nice refreshing homemade mocktail of ice tea and fennel in our hand we explore the premises. After all the guests had arrived, we seat down at the long table in the greenhouse. The culinary ‘ greenhouse ‘ adventure could begin. The main course of the evening was risotto with caramelized fennel, radicchio with olive oil topped with mozzarella, pesto and pine nuts. Compliments to the chef, it was delicious! For really big eaters it might not be enough, tip: turn it into a walking dinner and start or finish the evening on a terrace. After dinner, followed an educational round of the greenhouse and we could taste some vegetables such as Capuchins and the only real Utrecht pickle!

We have enjoyed the surroundings and the dinner. It was a nice evening with all other guests and Meike and Kevin at the greenhouse. I do recommend you pay them a visit and experience ‘Wat de kast schaft’ yourself.

Check the Facebook page for the next date for an evening of dinning at the Kas on Koningsweg. They also have great events coming up in the near future.

Address: Koningsweg 135
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