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JUT & JUL – Vintage Conceptstore in Utrecht

Jut & Jul, is a Vintage Concepstore located in a cute white house on the Telingstraat. The two young owners decided to move their shop and found the perfect location in the city center. Located in the same street as the Designercafe, Springers Interiors and Mother Goose, so they are in very good company.

Vintage & New Design 

Jut & Jul sells vintage clothes and accessories but also interior pieces such as rugs. All pieces are hand picked by the owners. They browse different vintage stores and markets to search for that one pieces that fits the collection in the store. The store combines old with new, so you will also find some nice brands for sale, such as Cluse (watches) and Nine Twenty.

A small house bursting with creativity

Rent a shelf

At Jut & Jul independent designers and crafty makers can rent shelf space to sell their awesome creations. This ranges from designing your own dress, jewelry, tea pots and cups, vintage clothes, posters and cards. A very good initiative is ‘Oma’s United’ a crafts group of grandmothers that make different kind of items to spend their time meaningfully. There are so many cute things at Jut & Jul that it will be hard not to purchase anything at this wonderful store. My favorites are: Allthings by Femme, Lilly&Friends, Fem+Vintage. I left the store with a ‘Go travel the world’ poster by Allthings by Femme, and a very cute gold colored neckless.

The girls are very passioned about their store, the designers and craft makers that they feature. Visit Jut & Jul and be inspired.

Address: Telingstraat 11
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