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Save your meal at Instock

Halfway down the Vleutenseweg you can find a little house, a cute miniature version of a estate manor. This cute little house used to be an office building but has finally found a new cause! Instock has decided to open up its Utrecht location here.

Instock Utrecht

For those of you who don’t know Instock yet: they’re a chain of restaurants originated from Amsterdam that work with food items that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarket chain Albert Heijn. Just for not having the exact right shape or an other kind of beauty mark. Instock battles food waste!

As we walk into this fancy looking little mansion on the Vleutenseweg, the interior design is a whole different vibe from the outside. Inside it’s warm, with lots of wood, an open kitchen, black accents and a mustard color yellow on the walls.

Harvest of the day

As soon as we sit down and order a drink, we also get offered a complimentary board of bread, olive oil and some homemade pickled cucumbers. A carafe of water with a slice of orange is also placed on our table. A good start!

Instock has a different menu every day, depending on their ‘harvest of the day’ of leftovers from the Albert Heijn. This menu consists out of 4 courses, which are displayed on a whiteboard carried around the room. You of course do not have to order all the courses, but we wanted to try all of it!

Four courses by Albert Heijn

We start the evening with our first course. A bell pepper/tomato soup topped with a crispy tostada, grilled bell pepper and tomato and a dollop of lime mayonaise. A delightfully fresh, sweet and sour start to our dinner.

The second course soon follows: a cauliflower panna cotta with broccoli beignets, curry potato crisps and a papadum crumble. Getting creative with vegetables! This dish sure was a feast for the eyes.

The main course consisted of Thai fishcakes, miso sauce, kimchi cabbage and a pickled ginger dressing. A nice and spicy combinations that tastes delicious, especially the combination of the creamy ginger dressing and the briny fish cake. Although delicious I would have preferred a slightly larger portion for the main dish, the size was comparable to that of the starter.

To top it all off a beautiful dessert appeared on our table, once again a beautifully dressed plate. This time filled with pieces of moist carrot cake, dots of pumpkin- and soy cream, fresh pomegranate and crispy granola. This granola is made of leftover grains from Instock’s homebrewed Pieperbier, a beer brewed of saved potatoes. A spectacular finale!

With a satisfied heart we leave the miniature manor on the Vleutenseweg behind us, until next time.

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