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Hotel stay at Exploris in the center of Utrecht

Exploris Hotel is located in the center of Utrecht, near the Neude square with many restaurants and cafes. Exploris Boutique hotel is the perfect base from which to explore Utrecht. The city is an extension of the experience that the boutique hotel offers its guests. I was invited to spend the night at Exploris Hotel. How I experienced spending the night at the boutique hotel, I share with you in this article.

Staying in a hotel room, family suite or apartment

The hotel rooms, family suites and apartments of Exploris Hotel are tastefully and functionally decorated with an industrial touche. All three types of rooms are fully equipped. The apartments even have a kitchen with a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. If you don’t feel like strolling through the streets of the bustling city centre of Utrecht, you have the possibility to cook for yourself. But why would you do that with dozens of restaurants within walking distance?

During the night I stayed in a large family suite with a giant bathroom with a bath and kitchenette. The suite had a nice layout, with the bed in the attic of the room. The room was cozy with a soft bed, TV and a reading corner. After checking in it was time for a walk around the center. With one step over the threshold, you immediately dive into the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spending the night in the center of Utrecht

Exploris Hotel is located 1km from Tivoli Vredenburg and within walking distance of the bustling Voorstraat with all its colourful restaurants, nice coffee spots and trendy shops. At the Neude you can enjoy a nice glass of wine or special drinks with delicious bites. The Voorstraat has plenty of restaurants to choose from: for a quick bite to eat or for a long dinner.

After a walk around the center, it was time to enjoy the family suite. I left the city behind me and after a nice hot bath, I dove under the covers with a book. It felt just like coming home, the bed was so comfortable. The next morning around noon it was time to check out. Luckily that’s not too early so you have time to wake up in the morning and make a coffee.

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Exploris hotel doesn’t have a breakfast room so you can go to the StayOkay restaurant at 5 minutes distance; the fifth’. At The 5th you can pass along the breakfast buffet and take a seat in the restaurant. While having breakfast you can enjoy the view from the restaurant on the first floor of StayOkay Utrecht Center.

Address Exploris Hotel
Potterstraat 24, 3512 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands

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