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Cornelis Bed and Breakfast Explore Utrecht 2

Sleepover at Cornelis’

As the first sunbeams of the day gently kiss your face through the windows, you stretch out beneath the soft blankets and take a deep breath. You look up and see a bright blue sky through the skylight, illuminating the calming green colors of the room and you feel yourself unwind. This is waking up at Cornelis. Of course we know Cornelis as the amazing coffee- and lunchroom in a former old grocery shop. Hidden behind this oasis (smelling of freshly baked croissants), you can find this recently renovated coach house. This is where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and you can fully unwind.

The peaceful pastel greens and dark woods of the lunchroom also find it’s place in the styling of this one-room-hotel. Every little detail is in perfect harmony with each other, from the antique school map on the wall to the clean design of the dark tiles in the kitchenette. Don’t expect to make much use of this kitchen though, because you will be thoroughly pampered by the amazing hosts and owners of Cornelis: Bas & Dave. As a guest of this former coach house, you can choose if you wish to have your freshly made breakfast in the living room that is Cornelis, or on your own private patio (also a great place for a quiet read).

After a fulfilling day of enjoying the peace or exploring versatile Utrecht, you’ll step into the thunderous clatter of the rain shower and enjoy one last look at the starry night sky through the rooftop window. Satisfied, you lower your head on the soft pillows. Good night Cornelis!

Maliestraat 16

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Pictures by: Susanne Sterkenburg


About Lisa Peters

Lisa is a content marketing professional for a large cinema chain, with a knack for writing and a love for Utrecht. Ever since moving to Utrecht in 2009, she has lifted every stone, eaten off many plates and explored every corner. A new food concept or an undiscovered boutique, she will find it and she will love it. The only thing she’s secretly still hoping for is a karaoke bar to open up in Utrecht one day. She lives in the up-and-coming neighborhood around the Amsterdamsestraatweg, where she keeps a close eye on any interesting new store or restaurant that appears. She loves to find hidden gems off the beaten track and now its time for her to start sharing them with you!

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