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High Beer! Craft beer and bites at Beers & Barrels

Food pairing with beer is a trend nowadays! And so it was time for a manly version of the high tea and high wine. And tadaa! There you have the High Beer! At Beers & Barrels you can have a High Beer with six special brewed beers. And a board with tasty bites from the green egg.

Bites and craft brewed beers

In combination with the six beers, Beers & Barrels serve a board with delicious bites. You will have spicy chicken wings, sweet spare ribs, firm sausages, bread with dip, grilled peppers, nachos and pulled pork to snack on. Everything is prepared in the green egg. The meat is tender and well seasoned with herbs. The fall-of-the-bone ribs are sweet and tender, which fits well with a dark beer such as the Estrella Damm Daura. And the spiciness of the chicken wings can be washed away with the fresh Mongozo.

Traditionally brewed beers

During the High Beer we only got to taste gluten-free beers. But the High Beer is also possible with specially brewed (non-gluten-free) beers.

The crew takes the time during the High Beer, to explain the delicious beers that are served. The Estrella Damm Daura, the most award-winning gluten-free beer in the world, is a soft and fresh pilsener. And my favorite of the afternoon! The Mongozo Premium Pilsener, is the first organic, gluten-free and fair trade pils. The gentle but slightly bitter taste of the Mongozo, makes it a nice beer to drink all afternoon. The Punk IPA Pale by Brewdog is a brown but fruity beer with the bitterness of the hop. But we tasted so much more!

Craving a High Beer?

An afternoon in the cool cellar of Beers & Barrels is definitely recommended. Enjoy the laidback vibes, delicious bites of the grill and well selected beers.

The High Beer at Beers & Barrels can be reserved every day starting at six people. Do you have special dietary needs or allergies? Let Beers & Barrels know on time so they can provide an adapted menu. The High Beer can be completely reserved without gluten as well. For € 24.50 per person you have the standard High Beer. With BBQ chicken or B & B burger extra the High Beer costs € 37.50 per person.

Oudegracht 125 | beersbarrels.nl| Hours of operation from 16.00 until late

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