Harmony coffee at Mockamore

Besides being a Foodie, I’m also a real coffee lover. A day without coffee is like… Well lets just say I wont be at my best. I can’t start my day without an espresso, sometimes I even have a double!

Sometimes I just want a guilty pleasure. After a day off shopping, the craving for a coffee and some sweets is huge! Although I’m not a big fan of  sweet things or stuff with loads of sugar, I don’t even like a regular Cappuccino, you can wake me up for the Harmony coffee from Mocka More. A really giant cappuccino with white chocolate syrup and white chocolate sprinkles, mjammm!!! Oke, I’ve to admit, it has little to do with coffee. But it’s so jammie, and it gives me the energy that I need to see some extra shops during my shopping spree.

Mocka More is perfectly located in the city centre of Utrecht on the Steenweg. When I’m not at Mocka More, you can find me with a black coffee or espresso in my hand at the Coffee Company, Simon Lévelt or 30ml.

Tell me what is your guilty pleasure?

Address: Steenweg

Google map here!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam
Pic is from Mockamore Facebook page. 

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