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De Hardebollenstraat is back in business!

Who doesn’t know the Hardebollenstraat in the centre? Three years ago, this was the most famous prostitution street of Utrecht, but the windows were closed because human trafficking was a big problem in the area. Then things died down and the street was lifeless for a long time. But … there’s good news! The municipality has bought the buildings and given them a very nice purpose: to offer a unique venue for creative people, artists, and (small) entrepreneurs from Utrecht.

Peeking through the windows
All rooms were taken in no time. The new tenants have re-styled the small rooms but kept a few of the details, such as the alarm button and the bathroom. We stopped by on July 28th to have a look and meet some of the new tenants during the re-opening of the former red-light district. Curious about which creative peeps, artists, and entrepreneurs have moved into the rooms at the Hardebollenstraat? We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of them.

The Comedy House consists of 10 stand-up comedians from Utrecht. Together they give performances at TivoliVredenburg, for example, and they organize the Utrecht International Comedy Festival.
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Vintage Revival is a webshop for awesome vintage furniture and home accessories.
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Utca’s Finest is a popular street-wear brand for Utrecht, from Utrecht.
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Frumel Vintage is a (web)shop for beautiful vintage furniture and vintage accessories.
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Atelier 014 was founded by a group of five visual artists to serve as a platform for contemporary art.
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Studio Miedema is a graphic and product design firm.

De Vormkraker is an agency for artistic research and new concepts.
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Stranded.fm is an internet radio platform that was founded in the hart of Kanaleneiland and now located in the Hardebollenstraat. Live radio will be made here.
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Noble is a Dutch skateboard webshop founded in 2012 by two fanatic skate friends. The shop on the Hardebollenstraat has a collection of skateboards and branded gear.
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Go & check it out!
Do you also want to peek into the rooms of Utrecht’s former red light district? Stop by on Sunday, September 4th from 12.00 until 17.00 uur for the opening of the Hardebollenstraat. Or like the Hardebollenstraat’s Instagram.

Picture’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

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