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Extreme Hair Make-over by Koep. by Ken

What better way to start the summer than a visit to the hairdressers? I had been walking around with my ever growing longer and thicker bush of hair, I needed a change! That’s why I decided to make an appointment with Ken at Koep for a much-needed make-over.

Koep by Ken

Ken welcomes us in his gorgeous salon, located in concepstore Hutspot on the Neude. Like the rest of the store, his hair salon also exudes a calming atmosphere with lots of white, wooden accents and a couple gorgeous plants and terrariums. The ultimate environment to truly relax.

The consult

We start off with a consult: what are we going to do with this make-over? If the salon itself wasn’t relaxing enough, Ken really has a way of making you feel comfortable. He asked me if there was anything I would definitely not want to have done and my only prerequisite was that I had to be able to put it in a pony tail if needed. Other than that he was free to do whatever he wanted!

Let’s get to work

After a short consult it was time to get to work. Ken let me know that ‘we’re going to cut off quite a bit’. Luckily Ken cut my hair bit by bit, so I had time to get used to the idea of short hair.

Ken’s way of cutting was very nice as well, because he cut my hair while it was dry. This way you can immediately see how your hair is going to look in its natural state. I really liked this, because my hair gets wavier the shorter you cut it. This way I knew that I wouldn’t end up with hair that was 2 cm shorter once it’s dried!

After that it was time for some color, I’ve also given Ken the freedom to do whatever he wanted in this case. He went for a darker, warmer copper color. A beautiful color that fits my complexion very well. Although the color is a little darker for summer, the copper tint still made it look fresh and warm.

The end result

Ken has guided me with care every step of the way and has really made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Ken makes Koep what it is: a calming oasis in the city centre for a moment to yourself. Apart from his expertise, he is also a delightful person that you don’t mind spending a few hours in the chair with. I’m extraordinarily happy with the end result. The warm red color in combination with the shorter length is the perfect coupe(Koep) for summer!

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