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De Goudvink; the newest culinary nest in the Drieharingstraat

The Drieharingstraat has become home to another snack- and drink spot. There seems to no escaping it, the street is groaning under all this culinary violence; barely anything else will fit. Dainahara and I were invited to check out the newest acquisition: De Goudvink. We headed over full of curiosity and with grumbling stomachs.


Where the cute little store Ill used to be hidden, you’re now surprised by a long, tough-looking bar. The bar builders did a great job, you immediately feel at home. The kitchen is in the basement, so there’s lots of room. From the high tables at the open window, you’ve got an awesome view on De Kleine Parade opposite, and all the passersby.

Drinks and bites

Head on over to De Goudvink for a drink and some bites. That doesn’t sound very innovative, you might be thinking. They might not be the only ones, but I haven’t yet seen many bites menus like this one. Don’t expect any deep-fried snacks, but classy plates. And of course that goes well with a tasty wine or a great gin & tonic.

A real treat

We are completed spoiled. The chef has conjured up a nice selection of bites on the table. It starts off well with an amuse-bouche with fresh tuna. Original dishes from enthusiastic people, that makes you happy. My favourite is the dish with the swordfish, apple and fish roe. Unexpectedly delicious!

As far as I’m concerned, De Goudvink can build its next in the Drieharingstraat and never fly away.

Address: Drieharingstraat 5 | Website | Facebook

Hours of operation: Mon-Thurs 17.00 to 23.00, Fri-Sat 15.00 to 24.00, and Sun 15.00 to 23.00.


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