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Going green at The Green House

Something interesting has appeared on the Croeselaan… They’ve been working on a ‘glass house’ in between the Rabobank building and the brand new government office building De Knoop for a while. We got to take a look in this beautiful glass box called The Green House!

The Green House isn’t just a reference to the beautiful green house that you can find at the top of the building, but also how ‘green’ they are! This is the first circular ‘catering pavilion’ in the Netherlands. What that means? That everything that was used to build the place, what is inside of it and what is served to their guests, will be re-used or is made of re-used materials. The circle of life!

Food & Drinks

The Green House has a menu for every moment of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or some snacks: you can have it all! Michelin star chef Peter Scholte runs the kitchen and prepares all sorts of delicious dishes with the fresh herbs and vegetables from the green house upstairs. The rest of the ingredients are all locally sourced from within the Netherlands and thus don’t have to be transported from far away lands. A nice detail is that you can read all about the origin story of many ingredients and products on the menu!

We got to chance to have a taste of their fresh salads and delicious pizzas, fresh from the wood oven. The fries with dip are also highly recommended. They make fresh lemonades and ice teas every single day. Even the bread, perfect to snack on when dipped in their homemade herb-salsa, is baked in their wood oven. And take a guess on where the delicious herbs for the salsa come from! It’s amazing how you can pick fresh herbs to make the dishes even tastier.

Can’t empty your plate? Don’t worry, your leftovers will be graciously fed to the composting machine and then used as compost for the green house! Nothing gets wasted at the Green House.

Meetings and working

Apart from having a great time eating and drinken, you can also be productive and get some work done at The Green House. Not only can you take a seat with your laptop and work, but there’s also circular meeting rooms for rent! Every meeting room has a different theme. You can, for example, have a meeting in the ‘Urban Mining’ room, where the interior design is made up out of secondhand finds. Or the ‘reclaimed’ meeting room, where the floor is made of fish nets and the chairs made out of plastic from the ocean. The bathrooms are old shipping containers. On the walls of all the meeting rooms you can learn more about the circularity of the building. You’ll even have a beautiful green view of the planted wall above the restaurant or the green house itself!

The green house is free to enter if you want to come take a look at the amazing herbs and vegetables.

Website | Facebook | Croeselaan 16

Opening hours
Monday – thursday 07.00 – 23.00
Friday 07.00 – 24.00
Saturday 08.00 – 24.00
Sunday 08.00 – 23.00

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