glutenvrij lunchen Utrecht

Gluten free lunch in Utrecht

It’s hard enough to have to eat gluten-free because of your diet. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 cosy spots for a delicious gluten-free lunch.*

1. Lucas has lunch dishes that can all be ordered as gluten-free for 50 cents extra. How nice! Try the sandwich with the herbed pumpkin, pomegranate seeds and pecans!

Website | Review | Wittevrouwenstraat 23

2. Poké Perfect has a handy menu that indicates all allergens. So this is also a nice option for vegans. A delicious and healthy poke bowl that also looks beautiful. I have to admit that I don’t have a favourite because they’re all so tasty!

Website | Review | Korte Jansstraat 17-19

3. At Ted’s you can lunch all day, how nice is that! They have gluten-free bread (I found it a bit disappointing, but tastes do differ), a naked veggie burger, and lots of salads that can also be made gluten-free. At Ted’s you can also order a glass of wine with your late lunch.

Website | Review |Lichte Gaard 8

4. ‘t Koffieboontje has delicious gluten-free sandwiches and if you’re still craving something sweet, they have banana bread and delicious baked goods from Sharp. Especially the location by the windmill is gorgeous and a great place to sit.

Website | Review | Oudegracht 92 & Gruttersdijk 42

5. Le Jardin transforms your plate into a flowery creation. They use the art of delicious food and drink with vegetables as their starting point. Seasonal vegetables and herbs; they call it ‘veg-o-nomy’. Their location is nice and central and beautifully green thanks to the plants in the room.

Website | Review | Mariaplaats 42

*Note that gluten-free often means “low in gluten”; cross-contamination is sometimes unavoidable.

SNCKBR will only open in March 2018, but I can’t wait! This is a wholly vegan restaurant where eating gluten-free is sure to be no problem! Of course, I’m also a fan of the well-known places such as SLA (now also in Hoog Catharijne), Bagels & Beans, and Gys! Also check out our list of 10 spots for gluten-free beer.

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About Sarie Heemskerk

Sarie is geboren in Utrecht en wil daar nooit meer weg (tenzij naar het buitenland). Zij is creatief therapeut, sportfanaat en Bourgondiër. Zij kan echt ontzettend genieten van eten en drinken; dit is voeding voor haar ziel en leven. Omdat Sarie er sinds een jaar of zes achter is dat zij en gluten geen vrienden meer zijn heeft zij grote aanpassingen moeten maken. Hoe te leven zonder brood, appeltaart en speciale biertjes? Zij heeft er menig traan om gelaten. Maar als je er beroerd van wordt dan kost het steeds minder moeite om het te laten. Zij is op zoek gegaan naar alternatieven en deze zijn er zat! Op Utrechtglutenfree plaatst zij haar bevindingen met anderen die deze zoektocht met haar delen. Sarie haar grootste droom is om zelf glutenvrij bier te brouwen zoals een lekker bockbiertje voor het Utrechtse Bockbierfestival.

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  1. Your list is very helpful. Nowadays, there is a great number of people who follow a gluten free diet and I’m one of them. I like to travel and visiting foreign countries I frequently meet the problem of finding the place where I can enjoy delicious gluten-free food.

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