Frites Atelier: 4-star fries & stew

The times when you could only satisfy your deep-fried snack cravings by heading to the greasy snack bar on the corner are long gone. Honest, delicious fries have found a home in Utrecht, with the Frietwinkel and de Pieper kicking off the trend a couple year ago. So there’s no shame in treating yourself to fresh, golden brown fries. After all, potatoes are vegetables.

The Netherlands’s former super chef, Sergio Herman, has also gotten into the high-class snack bar trend – although you can’t really call his Frites Aterlier Amsterdam a snack bar. That’s surely akin to swearing in the world of fries. Frites Aterlier Amsterdam isn’t only in The Hague and (soon) Amsterdam. Nope, deep-fried snacks also recently got a boost here in Utrecht.


At Sergio’s you don’t eat fries with ‘ordinary’ frikandel (look into that, Sergio!). Here you only get classed-up fries. You’ll start salivating the moment you see them. Fresh and twice-cooked right before your eyes.

To go with that goodness – and here’s where you’re faced with a difficult decision – you can choose between sauces, salads, and/or beef stew, all created by the chef. And then the food’s gone before you know it. Sergio gets 4 stars from me.

But 4-star food costs 4-star prices. Bring a well-stocked wallet, as that’s the only way you’ll go back home with a full stomach.

Photo’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

Steenweg 56 Website | Facebook

Open: mon-sun 11 a.m. – 20:00 p.m.



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