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French Asian Kitchen a.k.a FAK Utrecht located in the Drieharingstraat

Down to try something new? Check out French Asian Kitchen (FAK), the newest addition to the cozy Drieharingstraat!

French Asian, you say?

The team over at FAK has gone with an unusual concept: a fusion of French and Asian cuisines. It might sound rather bold, but they’re confident in the combination of flavors. In fact, one of the chefs specializes in French cooking, and two in Asian cuisines – so you’re in good hands!


FAK’s interior has a distinctly chill vibe, with some exposed brick, lots of vibrant greenery, Asian market-inspired neon signs, and cool posters on the wall. Throw in some upbeat music and friendly staff and you’re golden. But don’t Instagram it just yet – if you can manage to keep your phone out of sight for 10 minutes, you’ll get a delicious bite to go with your drink!

Menu for shared dining

To quench your thirst, FAK’s drinks menu boasts a few cool signature cocktails (try the yuzu mule!), various spirits, and, in keeping with the French theme, bubbly. Choose your poison!

Food-wise, FAK offers a sharing plate concept. From sushi and sashimi to truffled potato gratin and boeuf bourguignon lettuce wraps, there’s a huge variety to try. Our favorites? The caviar French fries (sounds so wrong, tastes so right) and the crispy duck plate – you get to assemble your own duck pancakes. A tip: based on the menu, we didn’t always have a clear idea of what dishes were. If that’s you too, don’t hesitate to ask your server. If we hadn’t, Daina wouldn’t have ordered the beloved crispy duck plate!

Finally, make sure you leave room for dessert… But no worries if you forget, because you can order each one in a range of sizes, including a little bite. We love this concept! The French influence is strong here, with a super luscious crème brûlée (with green tea!) and a heavenly dark chocolate mousse. Go on, get them all!

Drieharingstraat 16 | fakutrecht.nl| Opening hours: every day from 16.00 – 0.00

About Sophie Boisvert-Hearn

Sophie is a freelance editor with a master's in Media Studies. She hails from Toronto but has lived in Groningen, Leiden, and The Hague, and now happily calls Utrecht home. Besides eating, thinking about eating, and buying & making food, her hobbies include travel and writing. Her idea of the perfect day in Utrecht includes a lot of coffee, a friend or four, copious amounts of pastries, and a stroll around the city's gorgeous streets and canals – all topped off, naturally, with drinks on a terrace. Surprisingly knowledgeable about kaasstengels.

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