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Experiencing a day full of tea at Dutch Tea Festival

On Sunday, May 29th the first tea festival in the Netherlands took place in Utrecht: Festeaval. Overall it was a fun and educational day filled with tea, chocolate, workshops, tea ceremonies and music. We were invited to sip tea and learn all the ins and outs about this lovely beverage. A wonderful afternoon, and for us… tea will never be the same!


One thing is very clear to us: tea is the new coffee! With this blog we would like to share a photo impression of the lovely Sunday afternoon that we had on Festeaval

Tea completely fits into the lifestyle trends nowadays like being: mindful, conscious, sustainable and healthy. At Festeaval it was possible to meditate while enjoying a cup of tea, which turned out to be a very special experience.


We also participated in a Chinese tea ceremony. When you hear about the steps in the process to produce tea, it becomes immediately apparent: fair tea deserves respect. It’s amazing how much time and effort it takes to get those leaves to us.

We enjoyed the musicians of Giels Talentenjacht with their acoustic tunes. We have a favorite though… 😉


Large crowds filled the booths of the tea fair.

We ended up at the bar with a delicious tea cocktail, reminiscing about the day and looking forward to next year. CHEERS!

Do you want to join us next year? Make sure to block Sunday, May 28th, 2017 in your calendar and be there! And visit the Facebook page of Festeaval to stay informed.

Pictures: Susanne Sterkenburg

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About Susanne Sterkenburg

Susanne is a marketing and communication professional with a passion for photography. She loves to jump on her bike to discover something new in her city Utrecht! Not just to take pictures, but most likely to drink coffee. As a real coffee addict she knows to find all coffee hotspots in Utrecht. Susanne loves organizing events and is involved in the Explore Utrecht meetups and events as well. Besides shopping, having a healthy lunch or drinking wine with friends in the city, she’s a sports fanatic. Running through the city or doing some bootcamp in the Wilhelminapark, Julianapark or Griftpark is her favorite thing to do.

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