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FOTODOK – Belief on the move

I recently had the opportunity to check out Fotodok‘s current exhibition, Belief on the Move. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Fotodok is an international space for documentary photography right in the heart of beautiful Utrecht. To reach it, you pass through an arched gate from the bustling Lange Nieuwstraat and walk into a peaceful courtyard. Formerly a cloister dating back to the 15th century, this space is simply lovely: green, spacious, and just a little bit wild, with different sculptures dotted here and there among the greenery.

In contrast, the Fotodok space is quite minimalistic, allowing you to fully focus on the exhibition.

Belief on the Move

The exhibition explores the various facets of human faith and our attempts to make sense of our lives. As the name suggests, it focuses in particular on the role of our beliefs during migration.

One of the featured projects (Azaan by Henk Wildschut) depicts ‘The Jungle’, a refugee camp in France, with shocking yet inspiring images of the ways in which people have come together to practise their faith in dire conditions. In sharp contrast, another project (The Prophet by Geert Goiris) features crop circles and other unexplained phenomena, and has a distinctly ominous vibe.

Belief on the Move is on until 23 October, and is well worth a visit to check out the stunning pictures and get your brain working. Fotodok is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. Admission costs 4 euros for general visitors, 3 euros for students, and is free for those 12 and under.

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Sophie is a freelance editor with a master's in Media Studies. She hails from Toronto but has lived in Groningen, Leiden, and The Hague, and now happily calls Utrecht home. Besides eating, thinking about eating, and buying & making food, her hobbies include travel and writing. Her idea of the perfect day in Utrecht includes a lot of coffee, a friend or four, copious amounts of pastries, and a stroll around the city's gorgeous streets and canals – all topped off, naturally, with drinks on a terrace. Surprisingly knowledgeable about kaasstengels.

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