Afhalen of Thuisbezorgen in Utrecht

Food Pick-up and delivery at home in Utrecht

Yes, #utrechtstayshome. Because COVID19 has invaded our country and only by a joint stay-at-home community (at least sounds cozy) can we #flatenthecurve. Unfortunately, the (semi) lockdown is causing a lot of stress for example restaurant owners. And to be able to help with this, Explore Utrecht has made a list of a lot of initiatives. After all, staying at home for three weeks requires some adaptability: picking up or delivery at home in Utrecht is nice for everyone.

Do stick to the rules when you go to pick up! So stay neatly at 1.5 m. distance. Coughing and sneezing in your elbow. Are you sick? Then, unfortunately, stay at home!

Starting this week, these restaurants will deliver to your home. But you can also pick up!

Disclaimer: please check the opening hours and further information on the socials or website of the restaurants. Unfortunately, we can’t keep this up to date. Some restaurants are still working on the setup, but have already decided to offer pickup and home delivery in Utrecht. 

The Music Room cooks for the neighborhood

Het Muzieklokaal on the Bemuurde Weerd is the cheerful note in the city center. They too are having a hard time at the moment and have come up with a clever plan. Het Muzieklokaal is cooking for the neighborhood. You can order a meal (12.95) via And you get access to the classical music plan. If you sell 60 dishes, they will cost you. So go save The Music Room!

Nordkapp coffee at home

My choice for coffee at the office! But unfortunately, I don’t go to the office anymore. Luckily they also deliver at home in these uncertain times. In the webshop, you can order ‘the homework package’, for delicious coffee at home during office hours.


Oh, the best pizza in Utrecht! I’m here to order a pizza to-go. On the website you can order a pizza, you can app the choice by going to 06-52292947, you will receive a to-go to pay. Pizza can be picked up at the restaurant. But first check which location 😉

Roberto Gelato

Who doesn’t know Roberto’s ice cream parlor! Here you can get the tastiest flavors in a beautiful part of Utrecht. The shop is closed, but in the kitchen, Roberto still makes plenty of ice cream. Send a message via facebook to receive the list of flavors. Place your order and arrange the rest with Roberto himself.


Local entrepreneurs work together and come up with a box filled with local products. The box contains bread, vegetables, fruit, beer (Eleven Brewery), shampoo bars, soap and so on. Pick up at Eendrachtslaan 100, between 12.00 – 19.00 hours. For more information check support-your-locals-pick-up

Frenchie Cafe Brunch Explore Utrecht-5Frenchie Cafe

Oh, you don’t have to miss Frenchie’s red velvet pancakes. Yes! Cause Frenchie cafe’s picking them up too these weeks. Do you want some color on your plate? Then you can pick it up here and enjoy it at home. Follow Frenchie on Instagram or check the website.

Eetcafe Lombok

You probably know the nice blue building where Eetcafe Lombok is located. Never stopped by? Too bad! Now you can order the dishes and have them delivered to your home. Sort of been there. On Instagram and the website you will find the menu. Check it out!


Unfortunately you won’t be able to sit in the cosy coffee corner for the next few weeks. But everything at KEEK at the Oudegracht is to-go. And yummy! Yes, I know, because KEEK is my supplier for savoury scones, croissants, carrot cake and much more. You can also choose to have them delivered. Place your order via:


The best thing for all of us is to stay healthy. Unfortunately, that will be quite a challenge in the coming weeks. But that’s why it’s important to keep eating well. And FIG’s meals can help us with that. Meals can be picked up or delivered. Look first at


Dinner at home with the Klub? Yeah, we can do that now for the next few weeks. You can also order beers and their own gin du KLUB. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the menu. But don’t worry! At the KLUB it’s all delicious. More information via

Life’s a peach

All the goodies at Life’s a peach are also available. Order via DM on Instagram. One person at a time in the shop to pick up, so form a neat row with 1.5 m. distance. Thank you!

Eetwinkel IKOOK

The inhabitants of Lombok and New England already know that you can pick up good meals at ‘Eetwinkel IKOOK’. And now the rest of Utrecht. You can order meals and have them delivered. Go to

Brasserie Le Nord (Bilthoven)

Brasserie Le Nord offers a 3-course menu to take away or have delivered. Check the website for more information about the menu and times.


Pick up at Chinese and Indonesian specialty restaurants? Why don’t you! You can go around the world if you want and order a different kitchen to pick up every night. Let’s start at Soenlie’s first, okay? More info on

Anne & Max Burgemeester-Reigerstraat

Unfortunately, you can’t settle down in Anne & Max’s cozy living room anymore. But you can pick up sandwiches and other options on the menu or get them delivered to your home in Utrecht East. And at home, all safety is eaten. The opening hours are limited: 10:00 – 15:00 hours.


By closing down the hospitality industry Sugarlips has refrigerators full of sweets. Think cheesecakes, carrot cake, red velvet cake and a lot more. It’s a shame to have to throw all that away. Will you help Sugarlips to empty the fridge? Send via Instagram a dm for more info and placing an order.

Papi Churros

Ordering goodies? What a luxury you’d think. But in these times, it’s okay. Let yourself be pampered with something tasty after dinner. Or just for lunch. #treatyourself people, while you still can. Sweets you can order through Ubereats or Deliveroo. NomNom!


The restaurant had just opened and unfortunately had to close again! But fortunately, Vroeg has a top bakery where you can get not only the tastiest baked goods but also dairy, coffee-to-go, and regional products.


A round of nature and then buy some nice bread for at home. A great option, right? At De Veldkeuken you can go for: fresh bread, cakes, juices, quiches and more. The bakery is open from 10:00 – 16:00.


You see, if you wait long enough, they’ll come to you. Dinner at Noir’s has been on my list for months. Ha! Now you don’t have to, because restaurant Noir also delivers the best dinners at our house. First check for the menu and more info!

Smulders Kookt

Smulders also continue to cook in these uncertain times! Her meals are one of my favorites. As from the start, you can pick them up at Smulders and have them delivered. Once again she likes to visit you with her tasty dishes. Fresh and healthy meals can be ordered at

The Foodclub

The Foodclub will temporarily become The Food Courier! Also, The Foodclub will deliver dishes from their special menu at home. But of course, you can also pick them up, if you live nearby. On the menu you will find lunch dishes, cakes, and bowls. But you can also order beer and wine to accompany the fine main courses. For all the rules see the Instagram account of The Food Courier.

C’est Ca – Corona package

C’est Ca does not do home delivery but you can order a luxury snack package. Those wonderful evenings out, unfortunately, are not possible. But you can still enjoy all the goodies of the restaurant at home. The package consists of: a good bottle of wine, red nuts, macaroons, cheeseboard, two candied ducklings, tickets for fun and much more. To order mail to

Spekuk to go

For a nice price, order good food and pick it up? That’s possible at Spekuk in the Drieharingstraat. Order rames: fish, meat or vegan for 12,50. You can pick them up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 16:00 – 20:00. You can order via or via socials.


At Kantien you get 5-course microwave meals with matching wines. You have to finish the dishes yourself at home, but with an explanation from the chef. Setting up a restaurant at home is so much fun. Dinner is 50 euro and can be ordered via or call 06-46380841.

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