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Manon Kepel, 26 years old and lives in the city centre of Utrecht. Grow up in Houten, a village outside of Utrecht. Move to Utrecht when I started my studies in Utrecht.  starting men woont in hartje Utrecht. Both my parents are from Utrecht, when I was a little girl we would visit the big city every weekend. This tradition I still follow to this day. Due to my weekly trips I always discover new beautiful places in the city.

At the moment I worked as consultant at an online marketing agency in Breukelen. In my spare time I do loads of sports such as hockey and jazz-/showballet, I’m out and about having dinner at different places for my blog: LactoseVrijZijn. In the weekend I visit a lot of restaurants in Utrecht. I love food, the different flavour combinations it’s an inspiration. But dining out can be a challenge for me, at the age of 18 I discovered that I’m lactose intolerant. Being lactose intolerant is very difficult, because it’s processed in almost everything we eat. It could be bread, crackers, chips sauces and such. To help others navigate the world of  e-numbers and lactose, I share my experiences and several tips and Tricks on my blog

Utrecht is a great city! Perfect for shopping or dining-out with enough choice to please everyone. Even people that are lactose intolerant.

Time for me to share my experience and tips in Utrecht with you.

Taste Utrecht

Where I love to eat?
Because I’m lactose intolerant, I am very picky when it come to restaurants and coffee bars. The menu’s at some places are very restricted for me, unfortunately they don’t offer much choice.

Regularly I go to the city to have a cup of coffee with friends. My favourite spot to sit and have a chat is Ludwig, located at the Janskerkhof. You can sit on the comfy sofa, with a cup. The crew is super friendly and helpful which is a plus.

I love to go for lunch and have a salad at Oudaen. The restaurant is located in a building with loads of history. In the summer you will find me at La Place, on the roof terrace. From here you have a great view over the city.

Good wijn and healty lactosefree food make me extremly happy. I go to Stan&Co on a regular basis. The atmoshpere is relaxed, interior industrial and cool. But most importantly the food is good. They specialize is cooking in the Josper grill and this makes the dishes super tasty.

Relaxing in Utrecht

Utrecht is good for shopping as well. One of me favoriete shops is Sissy-boy, located on the Oudegracht and the Steenweg. Here you will find a trendy and basic collection but also nice interior items.  If I need to relax I go to Spa Sereen, located at the Maarssenveenseplassen in province Utrecht. Perfect place to re-charge and relax after busy days.

Expierence Utrecht

Utrecht is named most beautiful canal city in Europe. I would recommend a boat trip on the canals, look up and enjoy the view. Utrecht also has beautiful parks. Take a walk along the canal to the city center along the newly converted singel. It doesn’t cost anything and you will see so much beauty of Utrecht.

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Welcome to my digital best of Utrecht list! This is my way of sharing the best of Utrecht with locals, expats and tourists. Discovering new places, having dinner with friends and wandering the streets of Utrecht in search of a unique find is what I love. The City Experts and I share a passion for Utrecht and hope you fall in love with this city as well. Come and explore the city with us and enjoy the ultimate Utrecht experience. Collaborations, tips or suggestions email me on [email protected] and we will be in-touch.

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