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I’m Yolande and I live with Niels and Lou (3) in a cute street in Ondiep, I also have my own business. I help woman that spend every day bummed out in front of their closet and mirror because they have nothing to wear. In one whole day I help you discover and recognize your clothing style, how you can combine clothing in cool outfits, how you avoid a bad bargain, what fits your figure and everything there is to learn in the field of your wardrobe. Truly a dream job and with this I also like to contribute to a more sustainable world.

I’ve come to Utrecht for love nog just one, but two times, and this time I’m staying. We’re staying! The longer I live here, the more I get to know the city, the more I love it here and especially lately; so many cool new spots have opened up!

Food & Drinks

Favorite for drinks on a Saturday: Eetcafé Stathe, also known as “de ouwe flits”. Hidden away behind the Bijenkorf and always nice and quiet on a Saturday, which is why we love dropping by as a family for some beer and bitterballen. Lou runs across the room (towards the beautiful lights, mommy!), back and forth about 26 times, while having fun with the staff. Love it. Oh and you can also have a delicious meal or snacks here, very accessible menu and always tasty.

New discovery, for some quality time with a friend: Piatto, across from Tivoli Vredenburg. When you walk past it on the street you have no idea HOW beautiful this restaurant is on the inside. Once inside you have no idea what to order, everything sounds good. My tip: red wine with fancy bruschetta, yum.

Lifestyle & Shopping

Oh dear, my favorite shops? Only a few? Ok. I can do this. When I’m shopping for myself I always start out at Sissy-Boy and Number Nine. But I love discovering new shops to get inspired, there’s so many nice shops!

In no particular order: The Domestic Botanist, Hutspot, Monki, Vollers 386, De Rode Winkel, Following Lucy, Spruyt&Ko, &OtherStories, Tiger, Dille & Kamille..and I’ve probably forgotten about 10!

Bonus tip

Ok, so this tip might “just” be a store. But because it’s such a gem, it’s anything but “just” a store. It deserves a special mention: Wawollie. I came here for the first time when they opened on the Amsterdamsestraatweg and have since visited their mega store in Maarssen multiple times. What treasures you can find there! And cheap too!

A bamboo chair, a bistro chair, a Persian rug, a metal old fashioned nightlight, bar stools, clothes for dressing up, a mirror cabinet…The question is, what do I not own from there? Definitely worth a visit!

Furthermore I’m unbelievably happy with Deliveroo! They deliver the nicest food, on the bike (hello environment!), anything you’re craving at that time, delivered right to your doorstep! So nice if you don’t feel like cooking or doing groceries, but do want to have responsible food that makes you happy!

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Photo’s Piatto & Deliveroo by Susanne Sterkenburg

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Welcome to my digital best of Utrecht list! This is my way of sharing the best of Utrecht with locals, expats and tourists. Discovering new places, having dinner with friends and wandering the streets of Utrecht in search of a unique find is what I love. The City Experts and I share a passion for Utrecht and hope you fall in love with this city as well. Come and explore the city with us and enjoy the ultimate Utrecht experience. Collaborations, tips or suggestions email me on [email protected] and we will be in-touch.

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