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Hi, my name is Eva and I’ve lived in Utrecht for 19 years. I originally come from Brabant, but I came here when I was 18 to study and never left. Nowadays I also spend half of the week in Paris (for love), but I still absolutely love being in my own wonderful city. Besides my job as a PR manager, I am also the owner of the food blog Evainthekitchen.com, a freelance food photographer and food stylist, and I give photography workshops and food tours in Paris. I absolutely love eating delicious food, and fortunately that is very possible in Utrecht.

What I love about Utrecht is that it is an accessible city. I often hear that it’s a large village, but I personally think that it’s really too big and city-like to be described that way. There’s so much to do and see in Utrecht! My favourite part of the city centre is the museum quarter (museumkwartier). I myself lived there for a long time, and it’s only gotten nicer in recent years, with lots of new restaurants and nice shops. And since the opening of the Vaartsche Rijn station, you can notice that it’s also getting cosier on the other side of the tracks (and since I now live in Hoograven, it’s not bad at all!).

Hotspots (Food & Beverage)

There are so many nice restaurants and cafés in Utrecht that I find it very difficult to make a choice. But if I can give you two tips: Broei on the Oosterkade, for delicious coffee and yummy (vegetarian) food in a relaxed atmosphere, and Meneer Smakers for the best burgers (I’ve tested a lot over the years!), where there are also vegetarian and vegan options. And ok, a third tip, that I hope you all already know: Frietwinkel. These are the best fries in the city, in my opinion.

Lifestyle & shopping

I’m a fan of Twijnstraat with all its nice shops, and with my love of food, this next favourite isn’t a surprise: Kazerij Stalenhoef. Cheese heaven exists, and it’s right here in Utrecht!

Another favourite (also food-related and perhaps not so original) is Dille & Kamille. My boyfriend starts sighing as soon as we’re anywhere near it, because he knows that I always want to hop in “for a second”, and then I usually end up leaving with a bag full of things that I really don’t need.

Sights & events

You can always discover new things in the city centre. For instance, if you walk out of the busy shopping area towards Ledig Erf, between the Oude Gracht and the Catharijnesingel, you’ll find lots of cute little streets. And if you live in Utrecht, then I think you need to climb the Dom at least once, to see the city from another angle. If the weather is nice, I love walking or biking towards Rhijnauwen; it’s usually busy around the tea house, but otherwise it’s usually quieter further in the woods. You can picnic there in one of the fields, or enjoy some food at Veldkeuken. (Tip: The Veldkeuken also sells delicious bread from its own bakery!)

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