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Hi, I’m Chantal, 27 years old and living in beautiful Utrecht for the past 18 years. When I was 9 we moved from Hoorn to Utrecht, and I have loved it every since. 

I stayed in Utrecht for elementary and high school, then went to college in Utrecht, and moved into a flat, and then my first house and serious job. Boring? Not at all! In each phase I’ve gotten to know another side of Utrecht. Utrecht as a child, as a student and as a starter. Utrecht is a great city for everyone and has so much to offer!

Besides my job as (online) communications, I am blogger for the food blog . It’s a blog about healthy, pure and conscious eating, that looks to inspire and inform my readers. You can find the blog include articles, quick and easy recipes, tips and tricks, reviews and hotspots. Healthy food is really my passion!

Now, returning to the city of Utrecht. Wherever I am, Utrecht always feels like coming home again. It is called a city, but it’s not too big and it has a friendly atmosphere.

I love to cycle and walk through Utrecht. I can easily bike across this lovely town, from one side to another easily.  I do not have to tell you how beautiful and cozy the canals of this city are, but Utrecht also has these beautiful places and surprising streets just outside the center. You can easily get out and explore these wonders of Utrecht by taking a nice Sunday stroll.

Read my quick tips Utrecht! 

Test Utrecht
Where do I begin? Utrecht now has so many great eating and drinking spots. And being a food-blogger, I am of course very happy about this. Equally tasty drinks, a good cup of coffee, lunch, dinner or drink sundowners can be found all over town. There’s plenty of choice!

For breakfast and lunch I usually go with forcing and GYS . These are surely my favorites! A very nice atmosphere and healthy / good food! In addition, and a little further from the center is “Broodnodig”, where you can have lunch. Want to gently ease into the day with the newspaper, a good cup of coffee and breakfast? Then you need to head to Cornelis ! I could start my day there every day.

For a good cup of coffee and a nice quiet atmosphere, I also go to The Village Coffee & Music, Broei, coffee leute , Blackbird or Coffee & Ik .

Would you like to eat the most delicious burgers that exist in a real burger bar? Then go to Mr. Smakers. They have two locations in Utrecht. They also have veggie and vegan burgers! And you need fries of course — so head over to De Frietwinkel! They have the tastiest organic chips that exist.

Shop Utrecht
I’ll usually make a quick stop at the food spot, STACH. This is a lunch spot and food shop in one. They’ve got nice pure dishes and delicious sweet treats. Not necessarily healthy, but homemade and very tasty. Definitely a must-stop if you’re in Utrecht.

I also really like living and interior shops. I always walk in at Strand West and Dille & Kamille. They have such beautiful things here. Need a gift for yourself or someone else? Just pop by It’s a present.

Also check out the Voorstraat and the Oudegracht, were you will find two beautiful second-hand clothing stores located here (Sussies & Episode) Be sure to walk in and have a look.

Experience Utrecht
Take a stroll in the center along the canals, and go enjoy delicious coffee at one of the coffee shops. Head on down to the Twijnstraat, one of my favorite streets in Utrecht. Here you will find many specialty food shops where you can get the tastiest ingredients. Once a month on Sunday there is local market. I really recommend you visit!

On Friday there is an organic market, located on the Vredenburgplein. Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. As well as nuts, seeds, seeds, and loads more.

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Photos Blackbird and Mr. Smakers by Michaela of  New Life Beginning .

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