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I’m Vanessa from the culinary blog Culinessa. I live in Maarssen with my BF and two kids, and also work as a freelance social media consultant. I come from Amsterdam, and there I knew exactly where to go to shop, and where to head to for the most delicious food, but here in Utrecht it took me a while to find my own way. But by now I have my favourites.

I’m crazy about photography and delicious food, and those two passions come together on I don’t cook because I have to, but because I want to eat good food. Beautiful, pure ingredients are very important to me, and my BF and I have agreed that we want to eat deliciously every day.

I moved to Utrecht for love. The BF comes from Utrecht and I always say he lured me here. Like I said, I had to get used to it, to everything. Especially in terms of restaurants, I always had the idea that Utrecht was behind. But now we’re getting more and more new places.

Hotspots (Food & Beverage)

I always go to the Village for good coffee – that’s my absolute favourite. For food, I love to go to the Bakkerswinkel, Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys, Saowapa and Yum Saap. And my favourite place in Utrecht is C’est Ca. A ‘table d’haute’ concept where you settle in for a 5 course meal in a casual atmosphere. I like Kimmade for delicious Vietnamese, and they recently opened a new location. I reserve Podium onder de Dom for celebrations. The kids always choose Da Portare Via, the best pizza in the city. If you’re hungover and craving fries, then Frietwinkel is a must! And the best ice cream in Utrecht is at Roberto Gelato 😉

Lifestyle & Shopping

My favourite place in Utrecht for shopping is Hutspot. Lots of beautiful things for yourself but also for the home and, in my car, also for the kitchen 😉 I’m also a fan of Dille en Kamille and Little Wannahaves, they have the best things for kids.

Sights & Events

Oh boy… I’m crazy about sailing, so whenever we can be sail through the canals. It’s a whole other feeling than when you sail through Amsterdam. We’re also crazy about Maxima Park, where you can lunch with the kids and let them go their own way without being disturbed. Oud Valkeveen is another very nice park. I recently went to Buiten in de Kuil. Lovely for lunch and a good place for the kids to play.

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Header image by: Andrew Chin

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