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I live just outside of  Utrecht, in a cute wooden house, with my son Olivier, husband Lucas, cat Flipper and bunnies Jari and Bonnie. I work as a freelance web-editor, and in my free time I crafts and write about my DIY’s on my blog Ik knit blankets, make baby clothes, but also make things out of wood. And besides that I’m also refurbishing my home.

I moved to Utrecht a couple of years ago to study journalism. And  I never left. Because I live outside of Utrecht in a village, I like visiting the city more now. I love the old historic city center with the canals, the grand houses, and finding signs of time gone by on almost every corner. To me Utrecht is a creative city and there is always something fun to do.

Explore Utrecht asked me to tell you about me favorite places in Utrecht, so let’s get started shall we.. 

My favorite hotspots

  • Broei is one of my favorite places t drop in for a cup of coffee and to have lunch in Utrecht. I meet up with friends for a chat but sometimes I also join the large table at the back do so some work. In the interior is a mix of old and second hand stuff. Besides you can buy some of the furniture and they also have a wall with art works that are for sale. On the menu you will find delicious salads, sandwiches, different kinds of cakes and cookies. Ooh, I can recommend the juices and teas as well.  To be short: I just love going to Broei.
  • Hooi is also one of my faves! One plus point is that Hooi is very childfriendly, perfect now that I have a son. All the ingredients they use at Hooi are grown locally. I love to order a  savoury pie with a green smoothie. And my table companions tell me the scones are also very delicious.
  • The Veldkeuken is part of our Wednesday tradition: going for a walk in Amelisweerd and have coffee at the Veldkeuken. Getting some fresh air and have a seat, all relaxed, at the table. You could also visit the museum MOA that across the Veldkeuken. Oh and also nice: since this summer, you can also have dinner at the Veldkeuken. I haven’t done this yet, because it isn’t part of the wednesday tradition, but I hear it’s worth a try.

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Shop, Shops & Shopping

  • Oh Strand West, you have such wonderfully beautiful things. At Strand West you will find great furniture by cool designers but also small interior pieces. Have a good look around and look for lovely things for your home.
  • Puha is a shop where you will always find something new. New desingers, new clothes and everything is just lovely. Shopping here can be very dangerous. Puha also has a shopguide with cool shops and restaurants you can visit in Utrecht. You can pick one up if you drop in at the shop. The Voorstraat is becoming a very buzzing and cool place to be, so go see what else you might like.
  • The Amsterdam store Stach has opened three branches in Utrecht recently. I like! Delicious chocolate, sandwiches, cookies, chips, nutes and loads more. At the location on the Choorstraat you can sit upstairs and have a view of the busiest part of time near the Domtower.

Sights & Events

  • Fort Vechten is a super fine place that I recently have discovered. Pretty crazy, because it is near my house. Anyway, Fort Vechten is so a fort. And the Waterlinie museum is also located on the grounds of the fort. I haven’t visited the museum yet but I hear it worth going. So we are going to check out very soon. In addition to the museum you can also have a nice walking on the grounds of Fort Vechten. There are wooden buildings that look a bit Scandinavian. Very cozy.
  • The Village Wolvenplein is located in the old prison, of course you can have coffee but also a bit to eat. In the summer you can sit outside on the large terrace with a view of the canal. At Wolvenplein there are also offices of small creative companies. And an escape room.
  • De zelfgemaakte markt, a crafts market is my favoriete market in Utrecht. I like it because it’s small and cosy. And of course because you can buy some pretty awesome stuff on the market. I also joined the market once to sell some of my DIY’s. Check their website to find dates.

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