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Boxing Day: The tastiest Sushi at FA’K

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Sushi! Turkey, roast beef, gourmet, stone grilling or just something else at Christmas? Have an extensive dinner at FA’K on Second Christmas Day (the 26th) . French Asian Kitchen in the Drieharingenstraat, in the heart of the city center, within walking distance from the Central Station. We already wrote an enthusiastic article about this restaurant!

This time we had the chance to taste the Christmas menu … and ooooh what a party! First, we get a sign on the table with a phone with a cross through it. In the first 10 minutes of your visit you will be asked to just talk to each other, no phone, but catch up after you haven’t seen each other for a while. And do you stick to this? Then you get a roll of sushi as a present. What a wonderful start to the evening.

Tasting the Christmas sushi menu at FA’K

We drink a cider of raspberries, low in alcohol, but full of flavour. Then we start with the starter, sashimi of tuna, salmon and sea bream. The latter is a real surprise, what a buttery soft piece of fish. It melts on your tongue. We have a nice chat, drink a sip of the wine that has been served by now and then get a huge plateau with sushi on the table…

At least a meter of sushi! With a world of flavours. Surimi, salmon, crispy shrimp, chicken, duck, but also vegan salmon! The sushi is really freshly made, and you can taste it. The rice has the right structure and ‘stickiness’. Black wasabi mayonnaise or hoisin sauce, the sauces finish it. Please note that the wasabi on the plateau is the real deal, hot hot hot hot!

As if we’re not spoiled enough yet, we finish with a delicious dessert with chocolate mousse, nice and airy! But also cheesecake… We are full and satisfied. The owner and the waiters are very hospitable, the cooks know what they are doing, that’s obvious. The bar is nicely decorated, the ambiance is nice. If only every Christmas could be so good. Have yourself a FA’King little Christmas!

Do you also want the best sushi in town during Christmas?


Book a table hello@fakutrecht.nl (French Asian Kitchen)
030 231 7503
Drieharingenstraat 16
3511BJ Utrecht

About Alicia van den Berg

Alicia weet wat er gaande is in de stad, als cultuur en food liefhebber is ze up-to-date van alles wat er zich in Utrecht afspeelt. Dus wie kan jou beter vertellen waar je heen kunt gaan om van een fantastische avond uit te genieten. Van kunstexposities tot proeverijen in de Domtoren, ze kent het allemaal. Toen zij veertien jaar geleden in de stad kwam studeren heeft zij Utrecht in haar hart gesloten. Alicia werkt als sommelier en is haar eigen wijnbedrijf gestart. Zij is de perfecte kunst & cultuur editor voor Explore Utrecht.

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