Uitgebreid lunchen in Utrecht

Extensive lunch in Utrecht | surprise menu at Fico

You probably know by now that Fico is one of my favorite restaurants in Utrecht. And having lunch on Sunday in Utrecht is one of my favourite things to do. Because that’s what Sunday is for, isn’t it? To enjoy good food and good company. Or a few hours on your own to recharge your batteries for a new week.

Extensive Sunday lunch in Utrecht

We’re all going out for dinner on Saturday, and Sunday is still a day that people prefer to stay at home. But on Sundays, it’s nice to go out for dinner. Why not spoil yourself with an extensive lunch or dinner. You don’t have to do anything yourself and as soon as you’re home the evening is completely free.

Monthly special menu on Sundays

Fico has a monthly special menu for Sundays only. A four-course menu with one ingredient in the leading role. In March, the truffle plays the leading role in the four-course menu. But in April it is most likely the asparagus. And in May Fico comes with a four-course menu starring lobster. This can still change because the men are busy brainstorming and determine the upcoming menus on Sunday. Whatever the ingredient, Fico will certainly serve a very tasty menu.

Truffle in the leading role

I really enjoyed the four-course menu starring the truffle. Every dish contains truffles or is scraped over it. Delicious that airy but very tasty truffle flakes on the dish. Of course, I can describe each dish now, but you have to experience it for yourself. But you can already tell that the ravioli tastes heavenly! Would you like to have lunch in Utrecht? Then I can certainly recommend the special menu at Fico. Lunch or dinner at Fico’s on Sunday is a perfect way to end the week.

Address: Veilinghavenkade 14, 3521 AK Utrecht
Phone number: 030-2966001
Book a table:  ficoutrecht.nl

Opening hours on Sunday: 12:00 – 16:00 hours

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