Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #June

Yay, it’s finally July. And July is the equivalent of the summer that we so deserve, with a heat wave as bonus. The countdown to the Tour de France has now really started. Are you guys ready? Have you looked at the ‘ heatwave protocol ‘ and ‘ how to survive the Tour de France ‘ links on internet yet? Don’t know about you guys but I think it’s not really a good combination. But for now we look back on June because that was a awesome month. A number of highlights:

  • The first Explore Utrecht Instameet in cooperation with the Staatsbosbeheer was in June. The morning began with a nice cup of slow coffee provided by the ladies of Fiets Bakkie Pleur. Then we explored the premises of Fort Rijnauwen and the Uithof with about 70 enthusiastic Instagrammers. The theme of the Instameet was ‘ Nature vs New Urban ‘.
  • More and more we hear about Utrecht businesses that are opening new branche in other cities. Such as Present Time on the Lijnmarkt, that will open a shop in the nines streets soon.
  • Amsterdam based companies that discover Utrecht and want to open up shop in our lovely city, such as STACH and Spaghetteria. STACH is a luxurious take away spot with varied cuisine. Spaghetteria a Pasta-bar with gluten-free pasta on the menu.
  • Our visit to festival deBeschaving. What a super festival! We enjoyed performances, workshops and good food throughout the day. We will publish a report online soon.
  • Finishing two super fun projects. First the ‘ Route de hotspots’ on the site of Favoroute, a travel website with routes for travelers. In cooperation with Favoroute we drafted a route with all favorites spots, as far as possible along the route of the Tour de France, on an online map. Also nice for after the Tour de France of course. Check the link to the route: Tour de France hotspots. You can download it and view off-line. More on the second project soon.

If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, drop me a comment or send an email to info@exploreutrecht.nl Let’s make May even more fun!

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Follow my Instagram friends as well, they are great fun! If you have an Instagram account, do let me know. I love to see what you are up to in our lovely city.


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Welcome to my digital best of Utrecht list! This is my way of sharing the best of Utrecht with locals, expats and tourists. Discovering new places, having dinner with friends and wandering the streets of Utrecht in search of a unique find is what I love. The City Experts and I share a passion for Utrecht and hope you fall in love with this city as well. Come and explore the city with us and enjoy the ultimate Utrecht experience. Collaborations, tips or suggestions email me on [email protected] and we will be in-touch.

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