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Explore Utrecht Insta Round-Up #August

Can’t believe it’s time for a new Insta Round-Up already. Maybe you have noticed that I skipped July, but it was a crazy busy month and I thought you might appriciate blog updates a bit more. But for August I have a quick update on my discoveries of the past month and I also share some of my favourite spots with you. Let’s get started..

New spots in Utrecht: 
1. Stael on the Twijnstraat. Sector3 moved next door to create more space for a new lunch slash drinks concept.
2. The Colour Kitchen along the Oudegracht. Unfortunately, Bresson closed its doors, but The Colour Kitchen took over the premium location.
3. Utrecht gained a new creative hotspot: De Stadstuin located at the Europalaan. Soon we will have more on De Stadstuin on Explore Utrecht.
4. Rabarber located on the Zadelstraat. The owners decided to leave Utrecht to seek new adventures but two lovely ladies took-over the restaurant, renovated and named it Rabarber. The cafe offers breakfast up to dinner and drinks. I heard you can order breakfast all day.
5. The Amsterdam based concept store, ‘Hutspot’ will open a new store in the old Douwe Egbers cafe in November.

List of my favourite spots in Utrecht:
1. LE:EN
2. Centraal Museum
4. The Village Wolvenplein
6. Anne & Max

Share your favourite spot on Social Media by using the hastag #exploreutrecht. This way we will create an extensive list with spots in Utrecht for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, drop me a comment or send an email to Let’s make September even more fun!

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