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Sometimes its fun to be a tourist in your hometown. At these times you discover something new and realize that you know absolutely nothing. Ooh well, there is always more to learn about Utrecht and later you can even brag about it to your friends. (Guess who will feels like dummies now ;-)) On a Saturday afternoon, a lovely sunny day, MPS blogger Lotte and I went on a city-tour with the guys from SPAT Verandert. I must say we cancelled ones because of a storm and heavy rain fall. And luckily we did because on the day of the tour we had lovely spring weather.

The city-tour with the theme; ‘the two heroes of Utrecht’ started at 15:30 and all the participants gathered next to the Dom Tower. A great starting point for a tour through Utrecht. We jogged to the Dom church where the guys told us the story about St. Maarten and how he shared half of his cloak with a beggar. Off we went to the pandhof (church garden), to the back of the Dom church and further to Lepelenburg park where we were told the story of Burgermeester Reiger. We jogged across the Maliebaan, stopped at the Bruntenhof, the Nicolaaskerkhof and Oudegracht. After these stops we followed our way back to the Dom Tower along the Lange Nieuwstraat with a stop at the Catharina church. We jogged further to the Sint Maartensbrug with a last stop in the Flora’s hof were the guys ended the tour. See the pictures of us all smiling and feel the positive energy!!

The city-tour was great; the weather was lovely as well as the company, we jogged in an easy pace so it was easy to keep up and we learned some nice facts about Utrecht. In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what to except from a jogging tour. I must say I was pleasantly surprised; the city-tour was very nice and fun. It is a very nice way to get some exercise (4km) and learn more about the city. And as a plus you also get to meet nice people. I won’t share everything we learned along the way but there are three things that made my jaw drop. (probably from shame!)

Nice facts about Utrecht:

  • The oldest and first bicycle path in the Netherlands is on the Maliebaan.
  • The arms and flag of Utrecht lead back to the shared cloak. Sint Maarten’s cloak was red and his undergarment was white. You will see the arms of Utrecht on the lampposts throughout the city.
  • Princess Irene studied in Utrecht and like most students she had to leave her (royal) home for a much smaller residence. Villa Lievendaal, near Lepelenburgpark and the only villa in the city centre, was her modest accommodation during her studies.

A picture-perfect spot: on the Oudegracht, near the restaurant ‘t Oude Pothuys’ you will see four bridges in a row. This makes for a very nice picture with the Dom tower in the background.

And what about Lotte? Read about her experience below!

I have to admit, I am not a sporty spice. I usually get bored quickly, so jogging for more than 30 minutes is more than enough. However I’m always up for new challenges so when SPAT Verandert invited us for a city tour I didn’t hesitate. So on the first sunny saturday of the year I went to the Dom where we had to meet with the group. In one hour we jogged from the year 1316 St. Maarten to year 1891 Burgermeester (Major) Reiger. We even made a ‘selfie’ at the Burgermeester Reiger statue! See the pic below. Did you know major Reiger was responsible for Utrecht becoming one of the big cities of the Netherlands? He developed, among other things, the infrastructure of the city. It’s really nice to learn something more about the city you live in. And a bonus that you get to burn some calories. The city tour was absolutely not boring and the guys from SPAT Verandert knew just when to pause for an informative break (so that in the meantime I could catch my breath). So either if you are visiting Utrecht, you need some exercise or you are a Utrechter, do the tour you won’t regret it!

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