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Le grand Day de Art at the deBeschaving

Festival deBeschaving matched this year with the theme, ‘ Le grand Day the Art ‘ to the Le Grand Depart and kicked off the Tour de France. Four trails lead you past all the activities and stages of the festival. In addition to the programming of well-known artists, such as Typhoon and the Utrecht band Kensington deBeschaving also booked beginning artists and bands. But also poets, artists and more creative people. A visit to deBeschaving is a pleasure! We really enjoyed all the activities and performances and will definitely be back next year, July 2nd, to visit deBeschaving. And why are we so excited? Well, I can give you about a 100 reasons why deBeschaving is such a great festival, but for you, we have a top five.

Why you should visit Festival deBeschaving?

It’s really something from Utrecht, and we love that at Explore Utrecht, of course. Apart from the location, from programming to the food trucks, as much as possible comes from Utrecht. Our city poet Ingmar Heitze, mondharp Utrecht player Danibal, represent the city. The festival landscape of the Botanical Gardens was also the temporary setting for The Village, Coffee Leute and Hooi, theatre LeBowski with their extra burger stand.

The botanical gardens as background for deBeschaving gives an extra boost to the festival. We fell in love with the gardens. Such a beautiful place to be! At a point whilst wandering around we start getting a holiday feel. The gardens are definitely worth a visit.

The special programming with science as focus. Festival deBeschaving gives room to science in a fun and innovative way. And you even learn and get some food for thought  during your festival visit.

Theater is, of course, a big part of deBeschaving. But why is theatre so much fun? Well, that it happens among the visitors, live in the botanical gardens. Before you know it, there is a man who jumps from the bushes and falls at your feet. Or is there a group of Elk sniffing around that mingle in the audience.

Festival deBeschaving is an intimate festival and therefor there is a very pleasant atmosphere among the visitors. No one is hurring along from stage to stage, no weird behavior or drunk people whom hang around your neck just relaxed peeps that want to enjoy the day and the festival. Yes, deBeschaving shows that it is also possible. And speaking about visitors, there is nothing typical about them. Students, couples, hipsters and hippies, forty somethings, parent with young kids, and we of Explore Utrecht, all love deBeschaving.

So put Festival deBeschaving on the agenda, 2nd of July, believe me you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Header credit – Festival deBeschaving 2013 Jelmer de Haas

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