De Streekmarkt

Every first Sunday of the month the Streekmarkt (= regional market) takes place in the Twijnstraat. And that is a true food walhalla for people like me, but also for people who are not so extremely into food, because it is has a very approachable and welcoming atmosphere.

You can have a nibble of dried or fresh sausage, smoked fish, lovely salsas, fresh baked bread, fresh fruit and vegetables here and a cider, wine, fresh juice or beer there. You should really experience it yourself and fill up your bags with all those delicious treats. The market stalls are runned by both local shops from the Twijnstraat and producers of regional products. Halfway the market there is a fire where the fish is smoked surrounded with benches where you can sit, watch, smell, taste and enjoy.

One thing is for sure: You can’t find all the products they sell on the Streekmarkt in a regular supermarket. And this is perfect if you are looking for a unique present for someone or to eat something special on a Sunday evening.

Address – Mariaplaats

Google map here!

Text by Lotte van der Spek


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