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Aussie Food & Wines at De Rode Vosch

A couple weeks ago, we were generously invited to spend an evening at De Rode Vosch, the Australian restaurant that recently opened its doors on Voorstraat.

We arrived on a rather dreary & rainy Saturday night, but immediately perked up when we got inside. The restaurant is housed in a gorgeous old monument dating back to 1619, with tiled floors and some exposed brick walls.  Combined with the Australian touches that decorate the place, the hum of relaxed conversation, the warm lighting, and the casual open kitchen setting, the atmosphere was just wonderful.

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Our evening started off with some bubbly: the Tim Adams Mr. Mick Gela Cuvée Brut. We were off to a good start: it was so good that we agreed that it would be a reason on its own to come back! To accompany the wine, we devoured the Thai fish cakes: punchy, hearty little barramundi bites fragrant with Thai flavours, lovingly wrapped into pastry parcels, deep fried, and served with sweet chilli sauce.


Next, out came course #1: the grilled tuna steak for me, and the ostrich tartar & egg yolk for my date. The tuna steak was served with a wonderfully unusual salad: grilled corn, pickled red onion, snap peas, and lots of preserved lemon. Sweet, briny, fresh, and crunchy – the perfect accompaniment to the meaty tuna. To go with the tartar, the server recommended a white wine (the Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon). It was an unexpected but delicious pairing, and a great suggestion!

Course #2 soon appeared, and I swear I heard the table groan under the weight of it. De Rode Vosch embraces the small plate concept, so you can order multiple dishes to try and share without breaking the bank – not to mention the waistband on your pants 😉 Short ribs for my date, stuffed pumpkin for me, and sides of sweet potato and Mediterranean salad to share. I absolutely loved the emphasis on fresh, colourful & vibrant food. The Mediterranean salad in particular was a stand-out – the veggies were soft but not soggy, and bursting with flavour  – and my date proclaimed his short ribs to be some of the best braised meat he’d ever had.

Soon, it was time for dessert – with the Australian theme blazing. A perfectly decadent Tim Tam cheesecake, that iconic Australian pavlova, and two excellent Aussie dessert wines. A big, heavy spoon was brought out to crack through the pavlova – a dramatic touch that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s so pretty that you might hesitate, but push through – it’s worth it! The meringue gives in, and out oozes this heavenly mango mousse, light as air with just the right amount of sweetness.

We enjoyed the evening so much that before dessert had even arrived, we’d looked up flights to Australia and were trying to figure out how soon we could get there. (Not soon enough!)

If you’re looking to try something fresh, new & delicious, I highly recommend checking out De Rode Vosch. You’re also welcome for drinks in the lounge, so you can try their heavenly wines and check out the ‘bites’ menu! Besides those lovely fish cakes, they’ve also got a cheese platter and deep-fried crocodile.

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De Rode Vosch | Voorstraat 14 | website | Facebook 

mon – sun open from 17:00

Pictures of the interior by Susanne Sterkenburg

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