Love burger bij Leon-1

De nieuwe Love Burger van Leon al geproefd?! Wij zeggen doen!

When I was asked to taste Leon’s new Love Burger I said yes wholeheartedly! Because I sincerely love Leon. Not for nothing is the naturally fast-food chain on my list of hotspots for a nice breakfast in Hoog Catharijne. But besides lunch, they also serve dinner and now also the Love Burger. Curious about our final verdict? Then read on quickly.

The burger was introduced earlier this year in the United States and in the United Kingdom. And from now on it will also be available in the Netherlands. Of course, we had a bite to eat in Utrecht.

Love Burger Leon

Leon’s new Love Burger is 100% vegan and comes fresh from the oven. Not a greasy bite, but a spicy burger with a fine bite. Covered with a delicious mustard mayonnaise sauce. It has everything you expect from a “real” burger: soft hamburger roll, tomato, gherkin and a slice of smoked cheese. Of course all vegan, and more importantly, just very tasty. Even if you’re not a vegan!

The burger is made of red beets and tastes almost like real meat. I also took a portion of Leon baked frieze, because they are favorite. A quick bite also requires a drink, I like the Goji Berry Juicy Water very much. But you can also take fresh lemonade next to it or a bottle of Kombucha. Choice plenty!


You probably figured it out, but I’m a fan of the new Love Burger. The great thing about Leon is that you can enjoy classic fast food dishes without the fat bite. The burger costs €6,75 and is available at the train stations in Utrecht and Hoog Catherijne.

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