De Maaltuin – a culinary journey on an exclusive location

De Maaltuin is a pop-up restaurant that is located on an exclusive location. The current edition takes place at the greenhouse of Palace Soestdijk. But that’s not all, because De Maaltuin will return to the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht in May.

The culinary past and present of Palace Soestdijk

Exclusively for the Maaltuin it is possible to organize the pop-up dinner in the greenhouses of Palace Soestdijk. We were invited to De Maaltuin to experience this exclusive edition. The adventure started with a blue envelope and continued with a walk along the garden to the stairs of the palace for a photo. After a short photo session it was time to admire the palace. The tour continued along the wine cellar, the stuczaal, the blue corridor to the kitchen. When we arrived outside again, we walked past ‘De Orangerie’ and the oldest water tower in the Netherlands to the greenhouses of Palace Soestdijk for the ‘Maaltuin’ dinner.

In the greenhouses we enjoyed a four-course dinner accompanied by royal culinary stories from the past. And music from the time of Queen Juliana. We made a photo report of this fantastic evening, because we want to give you an impression of this exclusive edition of De Maaltuin.

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A culinary voyage through the Botanical Gardens

Unfortunately, all the evenings at Palace Soestdijk are sold out! But don’t be sad, De Maaltuin will probably surprise us again with an exclusive edition. De Maaltuin will return to the Botanical Gardens in Utrecht from 29 May to 9 June 2019. In the greenhouse of the Botanical Gardens, guests will be treated to an evening full of delicious food and live music. The four-course dinner will be based on ingredients that can be found in the Botanical Gardens.

De Maaltuin is not only inspiring in the culinary field but also in the social field. The evenings of De Maaltuin are organised in collaboration with various local initiatives, including The Colour Kitchen. The Colour Kitchen is a social enterprise that offers opportunities to people with a disadvantage on the labour market, by training them for a job in the hospitality industry.

Would you also like to experience De Maaltuin? Then click through to the website of De Maaltuin for dates and prices.

Dinner-tickets are € 49,95 p.p. incl.: guided tour of the gardens, welcome drink, amuse and a four-course dinner. Only in Dutch!

Photo’s: Robert van Walsem – Instagram 

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