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My name is Kim Hooijmans, 33 years and proudly a Utrecht ‘ local ‘. Well, import local actually. My roots are in the just so lovely Brabant. Who I am? It could be that you have seen me racing along the canals or the forest of Amelisweerd. That is my passion. And the great thing is that with my small personal training company ‘ Boost’  (  I can teach others to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Why Utrecht? As a teenager, my main mission was to be everywhere except in Netherlands. I went to the United States as an exchange student and after studying in Utrecht I decided to pack my bags and follow my then (surfing) boyfriend to Australia. (I was a perfect candidate for the show, Grenzeloos Verliefd, (love without boundaries) on TV;) But I missed my family and friends, and ok, I missed Utrecht! After 5 years I returned and now I live in the beautiful Rijnsweerd, without any regrets!

Boost Kim Hooijmans Favorieten explore utrecht 2

My favorite spots? I’m a big fan of Utrecht East and particularly nice shops and cafés located on de Burgemeester Reiger and Nachtegaalstraat.

Which spots you don’t want to miss:

1) Cerveceria BoulevardBurgermeester Reigerstraat 45 – I must confess I here very often. The Sangria is delicious and the tapas authentic and of course delicious. Besides that the tow owners always make sure you feel at home in their cerveceria!

2) Basta CosiJan van Scorelstraat 28 – Has the best wooden oven pizza of Utrecht. Well that’s what I think anyway. Order the pizza Tartufo with Truffle mascarpone & Parma ham.

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3) Peek & van BeurdenNachtegaalstraat 56 – When I’m not going ut for dinner in the city, I love to cook at home for friends.  A trip to Peek & van Beurden is a necessity. EVERYTHING, they sell is delicious. Often I go for the cheese platter or fresh baked foccacia. Edwin, the owner will eagerly tell you about the beautiful products in his store.

4) Lab.IndustrieBurgemeester Reigerstraat 63 – The minimalist style of the home accessories sold by Lab, suits my new home. I keep peeking inside every week to see if there are new items in the shop. In addition, you can also hire interior designers and architects for advice.

5) Canoeing and eating pancakes at theehuis Rhijnauwen – Save this one for when the Spring sun is back. But what I find the loveliest to do in Utrecht is to rent a canoe at the KrommeRijn ( on a sunny spring day and sail off. Stop en route to pick fresh cherries to eat or paddle to Theehuis Rhijnauwen for real Dutch pancakes. And believe me the sweet smell comes from afar, are you already enjoying it! Theehuis Rijnauwen – Rhijnauwenselaan 16.

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