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De Bakkerswinkel

Don’t you just love to discover new places to eat or (and!) drink? De Bakkerswinkel at Wittevrouwenstraat opposite the City Cinema is my latest discovery and I love it already!

You can lunch, enjoy a nice high tea, just drink a cup of coffee or order your to-go Chai Tea Latte (EUs’ Daina’s favorite!) at De Bakkerswinkel. The store has a great atmosphere. It’s like you jumped back in time when you eat your french toast (or ‘wentelteefjes’ as we Dutchies call it) of a plate that could have been your grandmother’s.

But let me warn you: if you’re trying to lose some weight (new years resolutions?), I don’t recommend visiting De Bakkerswinkel. The cheesecakes, brownies and scones will not please your Weight Watchers-coach, if you know what I mean…

Address: Wittevrouwenstraat 2

Google Map here!

Contributie door Sanne Wierda – love is the new black

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