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Tour de France – Cycle Camping Cartesius

On the 4th and 5th of July the Tour the France will race trough our city, Utrecht will be  turned upside down! There will be all kinds of activities: music, food, drinks and of course  the swifty men on the bikes. But there is one initiative I want to bring to your attention.

Charlotte, Bianca and Maurice, brother and sisters, came up with the following: Cycle  Camping Cartesius at the Werkspoorkathedraal. It will be a pop-­‐up eventcamping, with  the focus on the potential of the Cartesius area and the Werskspoorkathedraal. The three  love festivals and like the atmosphere that goes hand in hand with sports.

Well, I am not so sporty myself, but cheering alongside the road, that is my thing. And  you can as well! Cause the second stage of the ride will pass the Cartesiusweg. To be fully prepared, you do not have to sleep on the street in your sleeping bag. But you can come  and take a snooze at the unique, historic shed: real Utrechts Industrial Heritage. Bring  your own tent or buy one on the spot. Might you be a real spoiled person, do not panic!  There are mobile hotelrooms and wooden caravans, with a real bed. For those who want to visit with their whole family or all of their friends, army tents are also available. But that is certainly not all. Re-­Cylce Festival is the name of the whole program that is arranged for you. Mainly Utrechts entrepreneurs will be represented on the terrain, of course all have something to do with bikes and sustainability. Join the Pipe, de  Kledingbibliotheek  and PowerFlower will play a huge part in this event. The area has a capacity of 600 visitors, not an insignificant initiative, is it? In addition Le Bazzare, you  know, the guys from the Vintage/Cultmarkets, will be present on Sunday too.

Re-­Cycle Festival

From the 3rd till the 6th of July you are welcome to stay the night. From Friday the 3rd of July until Sunday the 5th of  July the not-­sleepovers are welcome to join the Re-­Cycle Festival. Your art-loving heart will melt at the sight of the exhibitions, your sport-­loving heart will skip a beat at the peloton and my heart will jump for joy at the disco-­bingo Tour de France. BINGO!

For more info check the calender event!
Werkspoorkathedraal – Tractieweg
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Recycle Camping Utrecht ENG
11380111_1639306599614735_1942285610_nIn cooperation with Favoroute we have created a map with all our favorites spots, as much as possible along the route of the Tour de France. Also nice for after the tour of course. Check the link to the route: Tour de France Hotspots. You can download the map and view off-line.

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