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Boutique hotel Cozy Pillow is located in the center of Utrecht. The building on the busy Steenweg houses six uniquely furnished rooms for a pleasant stay in the bustling city centre. I found my rest at Cozy Pillow between all the restaurants, cafes, shops and many places of interest within walking distance. Why should you stay at Cozy Pillow? I like to tell you in this blog.

The best boutique hotel in Utrecht

Cozy Pillow is part of Fred, a clothing store located under the hotel. Fred sells a mix of different clothing brands. But you’ll also find accessories and perfumes. Guests at the hotel get a 10% discount on Fred’s collection.

Cozy Pillow’s check-in counter is also the shop’s cash register. But it’s just a little bit more cosy than the standard checkout counter. Because while the hostess is checking in all the guests, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious syrup waffle. It is also no punishment to take a look at the collection in the shop. Be warned, because all the beauty makes you very greedy.

At check-in, all guests receive a voucher for a glass of bubbly at Bar Cava. Starting the weekend with a glass of bubbly is a good start of your stay at Cozy Pillow. Once checked in, I could go to my room on the first floor of the hotel. The theme of this floor is Utrecht alleys. From the balcony, you have a view of the Steenweg and most of the alleys. But also the Speelklok museum and of course the Dom Tower. It is a wonderful place to watch people while they are shopping in the center.

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Fashion meets hotel

The room is painted in three beautiful warm colors: pink, blue and green. In the bathroom are delicious bath and shower products from one of my favorite brands: Merkabi. In the closet are soft bathrobes, the fridge is well filled and on the bar are a lot of snacks from Stach. They make it very difficult to leave the room with all this luxury. After a short trip to Amsterdam and a walk to the hotel, I leave the noisy city behind me and dive under the lovely blankets for an evening of Netflix.

Stach at the door

I wake up to the smell of a fresh croissant. At my door hangs a yellow bag with breakfast from Stach. Which of course I eat after making a cup of coffee on the hotel bed. Because that’s what you do when you’re staying in your own city 😉 Unfortunately, I have to leave the wonderfully firm but extremely soft bath, one of the best I’ve slept in, around 11.00 I check out in the shop and stroll home through the city.

Address Cozy Pillow
Steenweg 13
T. 030 227 3363

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