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  • Alicia van den Berg

    Alicia weet wat er gaande is in de stad, als cultuur en food liefhebber is ze up-to-date van alles wat er zich in Utrecht afspeelt. Dus wie kan jou beter vertellen waar je heen kunt gaan om van een fantastische avond uit te genieten. Van kunstexposities tot proeverijen in de Domtoren, ze kent het allemaal. Toen zij veertien jaar geleden in de stad kwam studeren heeft zij Utrecht in haar hart gesloten. Alicia werkt als sommelier en is haar eigen wijnbedrijf gestart. Zij is de perfecte kunst & cultuur editor voor Explore Utrecht.
  • Ariela Slakhorst

    Utrecht is my second home: the place where I study, work and where I have made friends for life. Not for nothing have I been madly in love with this city for six years, because look around you, is there a city that is more beautiful? In the future I hope to move to Utrecht. Have a house with preferably a garden, but with a nice balcony is also possible. I still discover new routes for walking, hotspots for eating and other cozy places to be. These are things I like to share with you, because telling stories is just my thing. A love that I like to combine with my love for the beautiful Utrecht!
  • Cate Misczuk

    Cate is an American freelance writer, journalist, and video producer who calls Utrecht home. When she isn't editing English content for the Explore Utrecht blog you can find her around town snapping photos, or searching for the best cup of coffee. Cate moved to Utrecht never having visited the city, despite living in Amsterdam while studying abroad. Nonetheless, she quickly fell in love with Utrecht's laid back feel, and beautifully winding streets. You can read about her adventures as an expat and traveler on her blog Postcards From Cate, and follow along on Instagram for daily shots around Utrecht.
  • Christine van den Brink

    Christine, born and raised in Utrecht, works as a freelance editor and loves writing about traveling. A job that suites her perfectly because she loves to travel and write. She calls Utrecht her home, because it is a good place to come home to after traveling. Christine likes to explore the city as well since it's getting more and more vibrant each day. Living on the booming Westerkade with all its temptations is a big plus. There is enough to explore; different restaurants, shops and new hotspots popping up everywhere. She loves food, shopping, festivals and movies. Now and then she helps out in her father's shop, Catch on the Domstraat, famous for its portraits and posters of Utrecht. For Explore Utrecht Christine will keep an eye out on all the cool happenings in the city from shop openings to awesome parties.
  • Susanne Sterkenburg

    Susanne is a marketing and communication professional with a passion for photography. She loves to jump on her bike to discover something new in her city Utrecht! Not just to take pictures, but most likely to drink coffee. As a real coffee addict she knows to find all coffee hotspots in Utrecht. Susanne loves organizing events and is involved in the Explore Utrecht meetups and events as well. Besides shopping, having a healthy lunch or drinking wine with friends in the city, she’s a sports fanatic. Running through the city or doing some bootcamp in the Wilhelminapark, Julianapark or Griftpark is her favorite thing to do.
  • Lisa Peters

    Lisa is a content marketing professional for a large cinema chain, with a knack for writing and a love for Utrecht. Ever since moving to Utrecht in 2009, she has lifted every stone, eaten off many plates and explored every corner. A new food concept or an undiscovered boutique, she will find it and she will love it. The only thing she’s secretly still hoping for is a karaoke bar to open up in Utrecht one day. She lives in the up-and-coming neighborhood around the Amsterdamsestraatweg, where she keeps a close eye on any interesting new store or restaurant that appears. She loves to find hidden gems off the beaten track and now its time for her to start sharing them with you!
  • Sophie Boisvert-Hearn

    Sophie is a freelance editor with a master's in Media Studies. She hails from Toronto but has lived in Groningen, Leiden, and The Hague, and now happily calls Utrecht home. Besides eating, thinking about eating, and buying & making food, her hobbies include travel and writing. Her idea of the perfect day in Utrecht includes a lot of coffee, a friend or four, copious amounts of pastries, and a stroll around the city's gorgeous streets and canals – all topped off, naturally, with drinks on a terrace. Surprisingly knowledgeable about kaasstengels.
  • Tom Lensink

    Tom is a historian, teacher, and group and public guide with a big passion for the history of Utrecht. Besides conducting historical research and guiding the public during discovery trips at Dom Under, he is also a blogger for Explore Utrecht, involved in Scouting as a mentor, and an avid runner. In his free time, he loves to grab a drink in one of the many cafés around Neude, and he enjoys looking for peace and quiet in one of the many squares and parks in and around the city.
  • Maurice Hengeveld

    Maurice Hengeveld is an independent editor-journalist and works for a variety of clients. In Utrecht, he is connected to the city glossy LEVEN! magazine Utrecht, Aorta Architecture Centre, merwede.nl (about the new neighborhood Merwede), onzeeigendom.nl (about the restoration of the Dom tower), and the neighbourhood magazines Mens en Wijk (North-East) and de Zuidwester (Kanaleneiland and Transwijk), among others. He mainly focuses on storytelling, brand journalism, and web content strategy. Clearly, Maurice likes to focus on his hometown of Utrecht. The hidden stories in particular spark his imagination!
  • Sarie Heemskerk

    Sarie is geboren in Utrecht en wil daar nooit meer weg (tenzij naar het buitenland). Zij is creatief therapeut, sportfanaat en Bourgondiër. Zij kan echt ontzettend genieten van eten en drinken; dit is voeding voor haar ziel en leven. Omdat Sarie er sinds een jaar of zes achter is dat zij en gluten geen vrienden meer zijn heeft zij grote aanpassingen moeten maken. Hoe te leven zonder brood, appeltaart en speciale biertjes? Zij heeft er menig traan om gelaten. Maar als je er beroerd van wordt dan kost het steeds minder moeite om het te laten. Zij is op zoek gegaan naar alternatieven en deze zijn er zat! Op Utrechtglutenfree plaatst zij haar bevindingen met anderen die deze zoektocht met haar delen. Sarie haar grootste droom is om zelf glutenvrij bier te brouwen zoals een lekker bockbiertje voor het Utrechtse Bockbierfestival.