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Caves Caroli where Utrecht history and talent meet  

Sunday 10 February you can visit several living rooms and unique locations in Utrecht, during Gluren bij de Buren, a musical festival. Discover hidden gems and cozy private living rooms that offer a stage to Utrecht talent, on Sunday.

Grand Hotel Karel V is also participating in this year’s Gluren bij de Buren festival. The Caves Caroli are the stage for the Utrecht singer-songwriter Fyl. In the recently renovated cellars of Grand Hotel Karel V, Fyl, a one-man band, will perform with guitar and mandolin or banjo. In this place full of history you can listen to songs about recognizable tragic or beautiful events in life. Singer-songwriter Fyl will perform three times in the Caves Caroli. The indicated times on Sunday are: 12:45 | 14:15 | 15:45.

This is the opportunity to explore the Caves Caroli on Sunday. These cellars used to be utilized as refrigerators to keep food and home-brewed beer cool. Nowadays the cellars serves as beautiful venues for birthdays, graduation drinks and private dinners. Beer and tasty snacks are still being served. But then in a pleasant and festive atmosphere. Discover the Utrecht singer-songwriter Fyl on Sunday 10 February and admire the Caves Caroli.

More information about Singer-Songwriter Fyl: youtube.com/channel

More information about Caves Caroli: karel5.nl/caves-caroli

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