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Bezoek Woerden Provincie Utrecht Explore Utrecht-13

Visit Woerden | Explore Utrecht discovers Woerden  

After our trip to Oudewater, we’re taking you to Woerden for the second edition of the Explore Utrecht tour. This surprising settlement city is the capital of the Green Hart. We’re visiting the cheese warehouse and climbing the Petruskerk tower, but of course also going for culinary enjoyment in Woerden. Explore Woerden Woerden is known as a cheese city, but …

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Provincie Utrecht Restaurant HEX Oudewater Explore Utrecht-8

Be enchanted at Restaurant HEX in Oudewater

Restaurant HEX in Oudewater is located in a monumental building on the Markt Oostzijde. The building went through a real transformation and has been transformed by Piet Boon into a beautiful restaurant. The menu at restaurant HEX is inspired by various international cuisines. On the menu you will find worldly dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. Mesmerizing interior After …

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Header Oudewater Explore Utrecht

Discover the province of Utrecht | Experience a day in Oudewater

Crossing the city borders to explore the province of Utrecht and discovering hidden treasures is a mission for the coming period – because the province of Utrecht has a lot to offer! I walked around with this idea for a while and finally I took the step. Explore Utrecht leaves the city of Utrecht to explore the province as real …

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Weekendje Amersfoort explore Utrecht header foto

A weekend exploring Amersfoort

We’ve been to Amersfoort for Explore Utrecht before. Every visit, we become even more enthusiastic about this lovely city. Amersfoort has a small, historical, and compact city center, where cool hotspots pop out of the ground like mushrooms. A day in Amersfoort is not enough to discover what the city has to offer. Therefore, I decided to pack up my …

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amersfoort tour SEM sla en meer brood dips en groentes

Amersfoort Foodtour: 50 shades of green!

We were invited to explore Amersfoort, together with a group of fellow bloggers. We can’t say no to that! The theme? ’50 shades of green’: so we got to meet the sustainable and green side of Amersfoort. During the tour we went to several stops, where we were told the story behind the location, in what way they contribute to …

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Amersfoort Shopping Explore Amersfoort ENG

Shopping in Amersfoort

Apparently the period we are now in is called high summer, but after the last weeks we can all confirm that the Dutch weather sometimes has different ideas about that than we do. I’m happy I didn’t train too hard for a bikini body this year… But there’s nothing more annoying than people who complain, so don’t worry, I’m not …

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Brasserie Le Nord Explore Utrecht 3

Culinary trip to Bilthoven

More and more, I’m leaving Utrecht to go on culinary discovery trips in the province. I took a trip to Bilthoven upon being invited by Brasserie Le Nord, to enjoy a tasting of the lunch menu. A restaurant with a classic French kitchen, hidden in a wooded area. You have to make a bit of an effort to get to …

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Explore-Amersfoort_Terras 1

Terrace hopping in Amersfoort

Did you guys also enjoy those glorious summer days last week? I’m officially calling it: the 2017 terrace season is open, and we need to cheers to that! Because whether you settle down in a lovely place in the morning sun and pretend to work behind your sunglasses, or you enjoy the warm summer evening until deep in the night, …

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Mondriaan Tour Amersfoort Explore Utrecht 3

Discovering art & food in Amersfoort

We were recently invited to take part in an art tour of Amersfoort to celebrate 100 years of De Stijl and get to know the city from a new perspective. With the promise of art and food, how could we resist?! Filling up Of course, we needed sustenance to really appreciate all of the art, so we started off with breakfast at …

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Header Explore Amersfoort Foodtour 033 ENG

Foodie’s hotspots in Amersfoort

Attention Foodies! Are you looking for a special ingredient for Christmas dinner or just on your usual quest for something scrumptious? Make your way to Amersfoort! In this lovely city, you will find many great delis, cafes and restaurants, where you can indulge your ‘inner gourmand’. We have done our homework – these are the places to go: For the best bread in town, you …

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