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Sustainable shopping in Amersfoort | 3x shops

Sustainability is a big theme nowadays. Fortunately, there is more and more choice for sustainable shopping! Also in Amersfoort, there are plenty of nice shops where you can score nice sustainable items. With this 3x sustainable shopping in Amersfoort list, you will find original interior design items, household items and gifts (also for yourself of course ;)) 

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Amersfoort is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation

After a sporty weekend in Amersfoort it was time to discover the creative side of the city. This time I got on the bus to Leusden to participate in a Street Art bike tour from Leusden to Amersfoort. After the bike tour I visited two creative breeding places: De Nieuwe Stad and De Wagenwerkplaats. Both breeding grounds are still under …

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Ultimate film experiences in Utrecht and surroundings

With Pathé Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, formerly Cinemec, and Kinepolis in the Utrechtse Beurskwartier, the dom city is now at the forefront of ultramodern and large cinema complexes. Totally state of the art, but you can get lost with your drink and popcorn XXL. Of a completely different category are the atmospheric and sometimes intimate, special film screenings that you’ll find …

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Culinaire genieten bij Celine 8

Culinary delights at new Céline restaurant in Nieuwegein

Nieuwegein welcomed a new culinary restaurant last week. And this is not just any kind of restaurant. Restaurant Céline is located on a splendid location. On the grounds of the beautiful monumental Fort Jutphaas. The dream of owners Stephanie and Martijn came into being and they couldn’t be happier.

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Sportief Amersfoort Explore Utrecht-7

The Stijl cycle route from Utrecht to Amersfoort

Cycling from Utrecht to Amersfoort is an experience. The 20 km long Stijl cycle route from Amersfoort to Utrecht takes you past works of art, country houses and through the Soester woods, ending on the station square of Amersfoort. This is where the second part of this active adventure to discover Amersfoort begins. I’ll take you with me!

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Visit Amersfoort – Must do: the Mondriaan House

The Mondriaan House is to Amersfoort what the Van Gogh Museum is to Amsterdam. This museum on the Korte Gracht is also the artist’s birthplace. The pioneer in abstract art spent some of his life here with his parents, brothers, and sister. The museum opened its doors again on 7 March 2017 after some big renovations. Tickets for the Mondriaan …

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Weekendje Amersfoort explore Utrecht Header foto

Explore Amersfoort – Guided Tour to the Koppelpoort

Welcome to the city walk in Amersfoort! I’ll tell more about the tour with pictures and stories that I have been told by the city guide. Have you visited Amersfoort yet? No, then it might be time to get acquainted with Amersfoort and especially the city during the middle ages. I hear so many positive stories about Amersfoort that I …

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historische feestlocaties Utrecht

Towers of the province of Utrecht

A (church) tower is often a significant cultural location of a city. And in many cities or towns, climbing the tower is a must do when you’re visiting for a day. A lot of activity takes place around a tower, such as the local market and / or cultural activities. But of course you climb a tower for the breathtaking …

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Restaurant Bistronoom Woerden Explore Utrecht-6

Culinary enjoyment at Bistronoom in Woerden

Discovering the province of Utrecht has brought us many beautiful things. We have learned a lot about the history of the places we have visited so far. And in the culinary field we are quite surprised. Earlier you could read about the beautiful new restaurant HEX in Oudewater. In this blog I take you to Woerden, for dinner at Bistronoom. …

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