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3 establishments in the up & coming Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht

The Hardebollenstraat in Utrecht is a sweet little street that is only 50 metres long. Yet the street is full of special shops and fine restaurants. The trendy street continues to grow and expands with three new restaurants: Life’s a Peach, Little Beershop and Pizza Beppe Quattro. You can read all about it in this blog!

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Aziatisch in Utrecht

8x Asian Streetfood Restaurants in Utrecht

The spots for Asian street food are popping up like mushrooms in the ground. We’re not complaining though, we love sitting at a table full of delicious Asian bites, like spring rolls, dumplings, rice paper rolls, fried spicy chicken wings, and steamed duck buns. I’ll also happily order a delicious bowl of pho or ramen. In this post I’m sharing …

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Utrecht The Vegan Gorilla Dainahara Polonia-12

The Vegan Gorilla makes vegan food cool | IS CLOSED

It’s not entirely a new kid in town, but still an awesome new concept! Van de Straat is now called The Vegan Gorilla, where you can eat delicious vegan (and gluten free*) food. We enjoyed their wonderful terrace until late in the night with co-owner Thijs, and he told us about the reasons for their concept change. Concept Vegan food …

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Sanju Ramen Explore Utrecht 2

Slurping noodles at Sanju Ramen

Last week, Lisa and I got to check Sanju on the Voorstraat. The verdict? We loved it! Homemade & authentic Sanju strives to offer an authentic ramen experience. With four chefs, two of whom are Japanese, owners Jeroen and Mohammed are constantly researching and working to develop, refine, and perfect their flavours. In addition, they make everything from scratch. And …

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Croquette Boutique Explore Utrecht 1

The Croquette is chic at the Croquetten Boutique

The croquette might be the Netherlands’ most famous snack. Everyone has ordered one at the snackbar after an evening of partying once in their life. Fastfood is in! After the burger, fries and the hotdog, it’s now the croquette’s time to shine. No more pulling your croquette out of the wall Recently you can find the ‘de Croquetten Boutique’ on …

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Key West Stadsstrand Explore Utrecht 4

7x healthy hotspots in Utrecht

We started a New Year a while ago and like every year one of my resolutions is to eat healthier. I’m really no fitgirl, but sometimes it’s just good to know what the options are for a light meal packed with healthy vegetables. But where would you find those in Utrecht? I’ve put together a list of my 7 favourite …

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amersfoort tour SEM sla en meer brood dips en groentes

Amersfoort Foodtour: 50 shades of green!

We were invited to explore Amersfoort, together with a group of fellow bloggers. We can’t say no to that! The theme? ’50 shades of green’: so we got to meet the sustainable and green side of Amersfoort. During the tour we went to several stops, where we were told the story behind the location, in what way they contribute to …

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Vegan Utrecht Restaurant Badhu Explore Utrecht 3

10x veggie-friendly restaurants

When I first moved to the Netherlands about five years ago, finding vegetarian food in restaurants could sometimes be a frustrating experience. ‘Vegetarian’ often seemed to mean ‘diet’, and on more than one occasion I ended up scarfing down a sandwich after a meal to quell the residual hunger! Fortunately, times have changed, and the selection of veggie options in …

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